Exterior Features.

Aerodynamic Front Bumper.

JCW Front View

For high performance and durability, the MINI John Cooper Works front bumper has been equipped with large air intakes and an additional cooler to keep the engine and brakes at the ideal temperature.

Brakes & Wheels.

JCW Wheels

High performance demands control and stability, whether it’s around bends or on the home straight. That’s why our 18” and 19” light alloy wheels are designed to accommodate high-performance brakes. And in bold Chili Red with a JCW badge, the 4-piston, fixed-caliper brakes give you exceptional stopping power for whenever you need it.

Rear Spoiler.

JCW Rear View

Nothing should spoil your on-road experience, that’s why the John Cooper Works rear spoiler gives you an extra aerodynamic edge, reduces drag and exerts downward pressure to keep the car stuck to the road like glue.

Slanted Chrome Tailpipes.

JCW Tail Pipe

There is no better sound track to any drive than the deep, powerful growl you get when you nudge the John Cooper Works accelerator. And if you think that’s impressive, switch to Sport Mode and prepare to be blown away.

Side Scuttles.

JCW Side Scuttles

The integrated white indicators are home to both the side scuttles and the stunning John Cooper Works badge on Piano Black with a Chili Red border.