Not just a logo.

A link to our heritage.


We’re proud of our heritage, but we’re also excited for where we’re headed. That’s why we’ve given our winged MINI logo a mini makeover. Nothing too drastic, just enough to say that our eyes are always on the road ahead.

A nod to our roots.

Rear Lights

Our LED front and rear lights are not only eye-catching but are more energy efficient with a brighter shine. You’ll also find stylish highlights on centre stack trims and door handles too, just another nod to our classic British roots.

Colours to match your mood.

Make your MINI your own by choosing colours for knee roll and armrests that reflect the look you’re after. From our as standard stylish Malt Brown, Glowing Red and Satelite Grey.

The MINI experience (optional).

MINI 3-door Hatch rear lights

Our optional MINI logo projection displays an illuminated set of wings on the ground before you even step in the car. And with the MINI Excitement Pack, create the perfect ambient lighting for every journey, taking your onboard experience to a whole new level.

Wheels to match your style (optional).

Customise your MINI to reflect your style? Whether it’s with the Roulette or Propeller Spoke alloy wheels or a choice of rim colours and spoke styles, courtesy of the Rail Spoke MINI.