Safety First.

Dynamic Traction & Stability Control.

Dynamic traction & stability control

With Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) you get the best driving force on every surface, slick or sandy. With Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) your MINI is more agile, with smart sensors to tell you if you’re veering off course. Carefully calibrated braking where extra force is applied also means your MINI corners dynamically, as well as takes bends with the greatest of ease.

Hands-Free Capabilities.

MINI centre instrument

Let your hands get on with the driving while your eyes stay on the road. Your MINI connects to all your compatible devices with Bluetooth via the multifunction steering wheel, the MINI Touch Controller or Voice Control system. 

Stay in the Picture (optional).

MINI head-up display

With the optional MINI Head-Up Display you’ll always stay on course. Its transparent screen sends you essential information, including speed, navigation instructions, phone and entertainment (depending on what optional equipment you have fitted).