Intelligent Assistance

Stop. And Go.

Electric Parking Brake

Whether you're parked, starting on a hill or driving in stop-start traffic, the electric parking brake ensures your MINI will always stay put. Engage or release it with the simple push of a button.

Parking Assistant.

Parking Assistant

The MINI Countryman adds smooth sophistication to everyday driving. Optional Parking Assistant sizes up available parking spaces before taking charge of the wheel to make short work of tight spots. All you have to do is apply a little throttle and the brakes.

Driving Assistant Package (Optional).

Driving Assistant

You'll always know what's coming with MINI's optional Driving Assistant package. The Forward Collision Warning system helps prevent accidents by warning you if you're approaching traffic too fast, or if the car in front is getting too close. It also pre-conditions the brakes to respond faster over a shorter distance if needed. The City Collision Mitigation system reads sudden changes in urban traffic speed and slows down your MINI accordingly.