Power Up.

Get Going.


Use your MINI's standard charging cable to plug in and charge up at home through your power sockets. And if you’re on the road, you can charge your MINI at public loading facilities using the MINI public charging cable. This cable is available as a MINI original accessory. Contact your MINI dealer for further information.

Auto Edrive Move.

Auto Edrive Mode

Auto eDrive is the default setting when you switch on your MINI. It determines the most efficient combination of the electric motor and petrol engine, depending on your speed, acceleration and battery status. 

Max Edrive Mode.

Max Edrive Mode

Drive on electric energy alone when you're in MAX eDrive mode. You can even achieve speeds of up to 125 km/h. 

Save Battery Mode.

Save Battery Mode

Switch to the Save Battery mode and the petrol engine will charge the battery or keep the charging status at 90%. When you’re driving in Save Battery mode, the petrol engine is doing all the work.