Vehicle Check
Tasks performed:

Passenger compartment:

Checking horn, headlight flasher and hazard warning system.
Check instrument/inscription lighting, passenger compartment / luggage compartment / glove box lighting.
Check the lighting system: Adjust headlight as needed, function of front and rear lighting, license plate lighting.
Seat belts: Check condition of the seat belt strap, function of automatic reel, seat belt locking reel, seat belt buckle, seat belt clip & clasp for damage.
Check windscreen wipe and car wash for function and settings.


Tyres: Check tread depth, wear pattern, external condition and inflation pressure; correct inflation pressure if necessary.
If applicable: Check spare wheel condition and tyre pressure.
If installed: MINI Mobility System: check expiry date on sealing compound bottle. If necessary, replace sealing compound bottle.
Check for warning triangle, high- visibility jacket and first aid box Check first aid box expiration date and observe country-specific regulations.
Initialising Run Flat Indicator.

Engine compartment:

Check coolant level and concentration, top up if necessary, if applicable troubleshoot incorrect fluid level and notify the customer.
Wiper system for windscreen and headlights: Check washer fluid level and top up if necessary.
If applicable: hydraulic oil reservoir: Check oil level, troubleshoot incorrect fluid level and notify customer.
Battery with control display (only with Magic Eye): Check battery. Against separate calculation: Charge if necessary.


Brake lines and connections: Check for tightness, damage and correct position.
Vehicle underbody incl. all visible parts: Check for damage, correct position, corrosion and tightness.
Steering components: check for play, tightness and damage.

Test drive:

Checking road safety (test drive): Brakes, steering, shock absorbers, gearbox.
Resetting service display in accordance with factory specifications.

Vehicle Check price is not available on the following models: MINI One 2001 – 2007, MINI Convertible 2004 – 2008, MINI Cooper 2002 - 2006.