There’s a new mover and shaker on the delivery scene, and this one cuts a distinctive figure.

Choose from three body colours Pepper White, Ice Blue and Midnight Black to set your MINI – and your business – apart from the rest. The colour you choose becomes the blank canvas for your company logo and artwork, and extends to the roof, mirror and C-pillars, creating a seamless, professional look. The darkened Splitdoor windows ensure your business in the back stays strictly confidential. And, with exclusive 15” Delta Spoke wheels in silver, you’ll soon be outsmarting the competition in style.

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Soon after the birth of the MINI back in 1960, business owners began demanding a variation of the car with extra load capacity. Their calls were soon heeded, with the arrival of the original Morris MINI Van, perfectly equipped for commercial use.

Now, MINI introduces the ultimate compact moving van – with standout style to boot. More than just a versatile business partner that can transport your goods with ease, the stylish MINI Clubvan will make your company look like it’s really going places.

The impressive load area behind the front seats sets the MINI Clubvan apart from other MINI models. While your cargo rides securely in the back, you can enjoy the lavish comfort of the driver’s cabin in the front. Decked out with stylish design details, padded seats and the latest intuitive functional tech, the MINI Clubvan provides the perfect setting for you to drive your business.



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