How it Works.

MINI 5-door Hatch


This 24 month finance product lets you pay a significant initial deposit then £1 for the following 23 months at 0% APR. At the end of your agreement it gives you a number of choices, allowing you to keep your options open.

Your deposit will be made up of the vehicle’s cash price minus the amount of estimated future residual value of the vehicle and the monthly payments. After your deposit is paid you’ll pay £1 for 23 consecutive months at 0% APR.

We use our experience to estimate what your MINI will be worth when your finance agreement ends - this is your MINI's Guaranteed Future Value and becomes your optional final payment amount.

When the 24 months are over, you have three choices; pay the optional final payment and keep your MINI, part exchange your current MINI for a new one, or return your MINI to us.

MINI Divide T&Cs apply moreinformation.