Interior Features.

Stainless Steel Pedal.

JCW Stainless Steel Pedal Caps

Our sporty DNA can be found in every detail on the John Cooper Works models, like the stainless steel pedal caps. Durable, sleek and exciting to use.

John Cooper Works Sport Seats.

JCW Sport Seats

Set close to the asphalt, John Cooper Works sport seats are designed to give you full control of the power beneath you. And the extra lateral support when navigating around corners with legendary MINI handling and agility will give you that pole position feeling every time.

Heads-Up Display.

MINI Head-Up Display

When driving is this exhilarating you won’t want to miss a thing. And with the high contrast Head-Up Display you don’t have to. Everything you need is right there in front of you, from speed and your current gear to rev display and when to change up or down.

John Cooper Works Leather Steering Wheel.

JCW Leather Steering Wheel

The John Cooper Works sports steering wheel is expertly crafted from perforated leather with Chili Red stitching. And with shaped thumb rests for the perfect grip, you can take corners or hold her steady like a total pro.

Door Sills.

JCW Door Sills

Even the door sills have an elegant look with an integrated John Cooper Works logo. Just another example of our commitment to excellence at every turn.