Not Just A Logo.

Illuminated Interior Styles.

MINI Countryman interior

The MINI Countryman will boost your mood with a warm glow from the backlit cockpit fascia to match the interior ambient light.

Hands-free Opening (Optional).

MINI Countryman family

The optional Easy Opener* function gives you hands-free access to the boot whenever you need it. Just touch the rear sill with your foot and the boot opens automatically, a second touch closes it again. How easy is that?

*Available with the Comfort Access system.

The Optic Exterior Pack (Optional).

MINI Countryman front

Now your MINI Countryman can go off-road while still looking slick with the optional MINI ALL4 Exterior Optic pack. Black, high-gloss bumper elements, silver underbody protection sills and roof rails with silver side sills. For stylish explorers everywhere.