MINI Inspection II.

Tasks Performed.
Body and Electrics:

- Lighting system checked.

- Instrument panel, dashboard lighting and heating/ventilation fans checked.

- Horn, flashlights and hazard warning lights checked.

- Condition of safety belts checked; function of automatic belt tensioners, buckles and clips tested.

- Acid levels and charging status of battery checked; battery recharged (if necessary).*

- Microfilter for heating and air conditioning systems replaced.

- If MINI Mobility System is available: compressor canister replaced after four years.*

- Visibility checks for damage, leaks and corrosion performed on suspension and bodywork.

- Tailgate hinges lubricated.

Engine Compartment:

- Self-diagnosis system tested; read-out of error memory.

- Engine oil and oil filter replaced.

- Cooling water levels and liquid concentration tested after top-up.

- Cooling water replaced at pre-determined interval (after four years at the latest) with suitable cooling liquid (if necessary).*

- Service interval indicator reset according to manufacturer’s instructions.

- Liquid levels for screen washer and headlight washer (if available) checked; liquid refilled if necessary.

- Liquid levels for power steering checked; liquid refilled (if necessary).*

- Brake fluid replaced within the specified service intervals (after two years at the latest).*


- Average strength of front and rear brake pads measured.

- If brake pads are replaced: brake shaft cleaned; surface and strength of brake discs tested; wheel-centring hub of light-alloy wheels lubricated.*

- Steering tested for play, solidity, damage and wear and tear.

- Undercarriage tested for leaks, damage and corrosion.

- Brake cables checked for solidity, damage and correct positioning.

- Handbrake checked for correct function; adjusted as necessary.

- Handbrake repaired according to manufacturer’s specifications (if necessary).

- Tyre pressure (including spare wheel) tested and adjusted as necessary; Runflat Indicator reset; condition, profile and contact of tyres tested.

Final check:

Test drive to check roadworthiness, including tests for brakes, steering or power steering, clutch, indicators and warning lights.

*Costs Extra

Inspection II price is not available on the following models: MINI Clubman 2007- 2016, MINI Hatch 2007-2013, MINI Convertible 2009 – 2016, MINI Coupé 2011-2015, MINI Roadster 2012 - 2015