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Facts & Figures.

It all adds up.

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MINI is part of the BMW Group. The UK is the only country where BMW Group operates production plants for all three premium brands – MINI, BMW and Rolls-Royce.


£1.2 billion directly contributed to UK GDP every year;

Nearly £2 billion invested in UK manufacturing operations since 2000;

£2.4 billion worth of cars and engines exported each year;

24,000 people directly employed by BMW Group and dealer network, with 46,000 UK jobs supported in total;

Over 150 apprentices are currently employed across our UK manufacturing sites – growing the future generation of talent;








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MINI production.

About MINI's production sites.

There are more than 4,500 associates currently employed at Plant Oxford, with around 800 associates at Plant Swindon and a further 1,000 associates at Plant Hams Hall.

Between 2012 and 2015, BMW Group invested a further £750 million in its Oxford, Swindon and Hams Hall plants, taking total investment in UK production to nearly £2 billion since 2000.

The MINI paint facility was the UK's second biggest construction project (after the Millennium Dome) and cost £80 million;

There are approximately 3,000 components in a new MINI Hatch;

Thousands of new MINIs roll off the assembly line each day – one every 67 seconds;

More than 1,000 robots apply between 5,000 and 6,000 spot welds to create the new MINI bodyshell;

The paintshop’s total area is the size of 17 football pitches;

The MINI assembly line is 1.7km long.


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1,000 robots apply up to 6,000 spot welds to create one MINI bodyshell;

There are 435 separate panels in a new MINI Hatch bodyshell;

Five Perceptron stations measure more than 500 points across the car body;

The Perceptron cameras are accurate to half the width of a human hair;

The approximate core temperature of a spot weld is 1,500⁰C;

Plant Oxford's bodyshop is the size of 14 football pitches;

Each car body contains around 60m of bonding seam and more than 8m of laser seam welding.

Paint Shop facts & figures.

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The total area of the paint shop is 38,430m²;

All emissions from the paint shop ovens are collected and burnt in a catalytic incinerator;

There are five ovens in the paint shop. The hottest is the electrocoat oven which operates at 180ºC;

The length of the conveyors is around 16km, with more than 600 individual bodies processed at any one time;

The unique, naturally electrostatic properties of female ostrich feathers make them ideal for dusting each MINI body before the final colour coat;

MINI customers can choose from 16 different body colours and 4 contrast roof colours;

It takes about 4 litres of colour coat to cover a MINI;

The paintshop contains around 30km of pipes.

Assembly facts & figures.

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A new MINI drives off the production line every 67 seconds;

There are more than 300 different interior trim options, and more than 300 different exterior options, allowing for 15,000,000,000,000,000 different combinations. Which is why it's highly unlikely you'll ever see two identical MINIs produced at Plant Oxford;

Plant Oxford has made more than 3 million MINIs since production started in 2001;

More than 40 Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGVs) carry cockpits to the production line for the new MINI hatchback;

There are around 3,000 components in a new MINI Hatch and the MINI assembly line is approximately 1.7km long.

Logistics Facts & Figures.

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Over 2.7 million MINI parts are fitted every day;

Every day around 800 cars a day are exported to 100 countries;

Transporting MINIs by train saves more than 1.4 million lorry miles per year.