What we believe in.

Driving good.

As one of the biggest car manufacturers in the UK, we promote the economic development of our operating locations and make a distinct contribution to the national economy. Our numerous initiatives play a vital role in the life of MINI production plants, from cultural and social projects, to waste and energy management schemes.


We were the first major automotive producer to achieve the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. Our UK operations are committed to playing their role in promoting good environmental practice.

Building cars is an energy-intensive business. However, between 2006 and 2015 investment in clean production methods and energy efficiency measures at Plant Oxford and Plant Swindon delivered substantial reductions in energy, water consumption and emissions of volatile organic compounds.

At Plant Swindon, a radiant gas heating system was introduced to replace the old heavy fuel oil one. Undertaken as part of a £40 million investment, the CO2-reducing system has radically improved the working environment within the press shop by reducing draughts, maintaining even temperatures at floor level and allowing staff to dress comfortably for work.

Using resources sustainably is important to us. Reusable packaging is used extensively and sent back to suppliers when we've finished with it. We use harvested rainwater for flushing toilets and thermal recovery systems to ensure that any heat generated is fed back into the plant.

Plant Oxford has one of the largest roof-mounted solar farms in the UK. Located on top of the bodyshop, its 11,500 photovoltaic panels cover an area of 20,000m2. The panels are capable of generating three megawatts – enough to power 700 homes. In addition, they help to reduce CO2 by around 1200 tonnes a year.

Plant Oxford's paintshop has initiated a range of projects in order to become more efficient, reduce waste and conserve energy. These projects have reduced energy use by 15GWh, saving around 4000 tonnes of CO2 in a full year.

Economic Impact.

Driving growth.

Our UK operations make a substantial contribution to the local and national economy, directly employing more than 24,000 people and supporting more than 46,000 jobs through our supply chains.

Our activities contribute £1.2 billion each year to UK GDP.

We export cars worth £2.4 billion every year.

We directly employ 24,000 people directly while supporting over 46,000 UK jobs in total.

Nearly £2 billion invested in UK manufacturing operations at Oxford, Hams Hall, Swindon and Goodwood from 2000 to 2016.


As well as stimulating economic development in their localities, all three MINI production plants are playing their part in supporting their communities through numerous cultural and social activities.

All plants actively fundraise for the house charity, which changes every two years. For 2017 / 2018 that charity is Macmillan Cancer Support – the nurses, advisers, volunteers, campaigners and fundraisers supporting people affected by cancer.

The development of young people is also a key theme for us – work experience placements for young people from local schools, university student exchange programmes and partnerships, as well as careers fairs and other educational events are held regularly in partnership with education providers.

Getting more women into engineering roles is also a priority. The 'Girls Go Technical' programme, which is aimed at encouraging more females to consider careers in engineering, gives a hands on experience of what it's like working at our Oxford, Swindon and Hams Hall plants.