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Getting back in gear at Plant Oxford.

Back in March, the MINI teams across our Plants and Centres had to take a beat along with the rest of the world. Production lines were paused. Work was taken to makeshift home offices and kitchen tables. But now we’re excited to be picking up where we left off, albeit with some changes to ensure a safer set-up. If you’re wondering what life is like working at Plant Oxford right now, and are curious to know what being behind-the-scenes at MINI entails, then read on. We spoke with seasoned MINI team members Arran Gray (who’s a Technical Process Leader) and Okita Sumbu (who works on the Assembly line) to get the inside scoop.
Okita Sumbu

          Okita Sumbu

I've been here at MINI for almost 20 years
- Okita Sumbu, Assembly
Arran Gray Arran Gray

           Arran Gray

Q: How long have you been working at Plant Oxford?

Arran: I joined the Plant Oxford team back in 2006 as an apprentice, working in Electro and Mechanical Maintenance. That was 14 years ago now. Things have changed over the years – new processes, machinery, the list goes on. But our new safety set-up has been one of the biggest changes of all.

Okita: It’s been almost 20 years for me. In that time I’ve been involved in making more MINIs than I can count! I’ve loved watching how innovative processes have taken the MINIs we build from strength to strength.

We've been working on the plant's safety set-up since April
- Arran Gray, Technical Process Leader

Q: Can you tell us a bit about how things have changed since lockdown?

Arran: The safety measures we’ve put in place took time to get right. It wasn’t an overnight job. We had to prepare each area for different parts of the workforce. We’ll all be social distancing and wearing facemasks (you can see me wearing mine in my photo). And there’s now one-way walking systems, adapted break areas, lots of enhanced signage and distancing screens. It’s working well and making shift changeover times safe and easy.
I can spend time with my wonderful colleagues from a safe social distance
- Okita Sumbu, Assembly

As you can imagine, there was some apprehension about coming back, but once the team saw the new set-up and all the adaptations, their minds were put at ease. Everyone’s happy to be getting back in the swing of things again now.

Okita: Like Arran says, the biggest changes have been the new safety measures. We’re gradually adapting and getting used to it. I’m glad we’ve still got our break rooms, so I can spend time with my wonderful colleagues from a safe social distance.

I'm excited to be back, working on the new MINI Electric
- Okita Sumbu, Assembly

Q: Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to working on again?

Arran: Just before lockdown began, my team had been working on an exciting quality project to do with high-tech camera technology. We had to down tools for a while there, but we’re picking back up where we left off now. I can’t wait to get back to delivering the best quality MINIs over to the workers at the Paint Shop.

Okita: For me, I couldn’t wait to get back to working on the new limited edition GP model. It’s a seriously special car. I’ve also been looking forward to working on MINI Electric again.

We're watching an industrial revolution happen before our eyes
- Arran Gray, Technical Process Leader

Q: And finally, can you tell us the best bit about your job?

Arran: I’ve been through a lot of personal growth during my time at MINI. Learning my strengths, and more importantly weaknesses, and getting better at what I do. It’s a treat to have a platform to do that. What’s been even more rewarding is witnessing the industry’s growth first hand. We’re taking huge leaps and constantly making progress.

This really is the fourth industrial revolution, and I have a front seat to witness it (and take part) as it develops.

Okita: My favourite thing about my job has to be the atmosphere. I have great colleagues and love working on MINIs – what more could you ask for?