Holistic Recycling at MINI


Second Life for the MINI.

Rules for Redemption.

MINI is at the forefront of sustainable production and recycling. The End of Life Vehicle Regulations (2015) require us to achieve a recycling and recovery rate of 95% which we have hit every year since its introduction. 


If your MINI finally wants to meet the great recycling yard in the sky, MINI offers a free to use service that allows your car to be collected from your property at a time that suits you. You can of course bring it back to any MINI Retailer, where we will happily help you choose a new one. If you would like to recycle your MINI, please visit www.rewardingrecycling.co.uk


MINI value service

MINI value service.
No one loves your MINI like you do. But we come a close second.

We handle your MINI with care. Because we know just how much it means to you. MINI Value Service looks after MINIs three years or older to keep them running like new.