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Maintenance and Repair.

The odd nip and tuck for your MINI.

Genuine MINI MOT.

We check your MINI, then we check it again.

Our free pre-MOT check on lights, seatbelts, horn, dashboard warning lights, windscreen and wiper blades means that your MINI won't fail its MOT on a simple technicality. In the rare event there is ever an issue uncovered, our MINI Trained Technicians can carry out any work needed using only Genuine MINI Parts which come with a 2 year warranty. This is all topped off with a complimentary wash & vac. Peace of mind that your MINI will pass its MOT and remain 100% MINI.

Our MINI MOT offer consists of the following:

• Free Pre-MOT Check
• MINI Approved Technicians
• Genuine MINI Parts with a 2 year warranty
• A free wash and vac.

MINI MOT Protect.

If it's your MINI’s first MOT that's approaching, complimentary MINI MOT Protect will help you through it without a care in the world. In the unlikely event that your MINI does fail its first MOT test, you won´t have to lose out as repairs, replacements and labour are covered on a long list of key items from electrical and lighting equipment to steering and suspension. Any issues will be addressed promptly and completely free of charge so you can pass your MOT test with the minimum of fuss.


Contact us to make a booking for your Genuine MINI MOT or alternatively, you can book online.


Terms and Conditions TandC


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MINI can fix it.

For servicing and repairs big or small, trust your MINI to the experts. Our magician-like technicians will get your car looking good as new and working like a dream, using Genuine MINI Parts and signature MINI expertise.

MINI Centre services.

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Accident Repairs.

If your MINI has picked up some minor dings, dents or scratches or has been involved in a more major accident, don’t worry. Our MINI Approved Bodyshops will make sure your MINI is returned to you in tip-top condition.

Should your MINI be involved in an accident, remember it is your choice and not your insurer’s, as to who repairs it. By insisting that your MINI is repaired at a MINI Approved Bodyshop, you can be assured that only Genuine MINI Parts and the latest Approved MINI repair techniques will be used to return your MINI to its original Euro NCAP safety rating.

The complimentary MINI Accident Recovery service means that should your MINI ever be undriveable following an incident, we'll always be on hand to take your MINI to your nearest MINI Approved Bodyshop.

A wide range of expert repair services are also on offer to take care of even the most minor of cosmetic damage to your MINI. Using innovative scuff, scratch, glass and alloy wheel repair techniques, as well as machine polish methods, we’ll bring your MINI back to its best.

What’s more, you’re assured of the very best service and your lifetime workmanship guarantee, thanks to the MINI Approved Bodyshop Customer Promise TandC

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Remember how good your MINI looked and smelled when you first got it? Keep your MINI looking brand spanking new inside and out with a MINI SPA. Using Genuine MINI Car Care Products we will restore your MINI to its former glory. And, by having regular MINI SPAs, you can help retain your MINI’s value too.


Car wash, interior clean, window clean, dashboard clean and polish, seat cover clean and carpet clean and condition.


Get all of the above plus a wheel rim clean, engine clean and an all over hand polish.

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MINI Air Conditioning.

Making sure your driving environment is always chilled to perfection is easy with a little periodic maintenance. Luckily, we have some tailor-made MINI Air Conditioning services to make sure it stays in tip-top condition.

Air Freshener - removes any unwanted musty smells by cleaning the evaporator, disinfecting the air duct system and treating the air vents and your MINI's interior.

Arctic Blast - ensures the air conditioning gauge gives you the temperature you want, when you want it. This is done by draining the refrigerant, checking for leaks and operating pressures, and then recharging the refrigerant and lubricant.

MINI Pit Stop.

We know you're busy, so with MINI Pit Stop you'll be back on the road in a jiffy, which means there's no need for you to be without your MINI for the whole day.

  • A MINI Pit Stop visit lasts a maximum of 90 minutes, and you'll be amazed at the range of service & maintenance tasks that can be completed in that time.
  • Without the need for collection & delivery or a loan car, the earliest appointment date can usually be offered.
  • The service team can chat with you in person during your MINI's visit.

With all work completed, your MINI will be ready to head back onto the road. All within 90 minutes.

No time to waste? Contact us to see whether a Pit Stop visit is right for your MINI, and to make a booking.

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MINI Health Check.

Your MINI has been cleverly designed to make servicing a breeze. It’s all done quickly and efficiently by our MINI Approved Technicians. We’ve got the knowledge and the latest kit to keep your MINI fighting fit and raring to go.

Your MINI is so well made, it can zip around for up to 15,000 miles before it needs a service. But if you’d like us to give it a quick once-over from time to time between main services, our MINI Approved Technicians will be happy to help.

MINI Health Check covers all the day-to-day essentials; tyre condition and pressure, oil levels, coolant and screenwash levels. Just the thing to prepare your MINI for its next adventure.

Included in a 20 minute health check TandC

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Drop in and see us.

Talk to your local MINI Centre about the right service for your MINI.

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Software updates and accessories.

  • Benefit from the latest MINI technology, from up-to-the minute navigation to Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Personalise your MINI with genuine accessories, created for your car.
  • All retrofitted by expert technicians to smoothly integrate with your MINI. You can revamp your MINI with a wide choice of designer alloys.

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MINI Approved Tyres.

When it comes to ensuring you have the perfect tyres fitted on your MINI, you won't go wrong with MINI Approved Tyres. MINI Approved Tyres are marked with a 'star' emblem on the sidewall of the tyre. The star lets you know that your MINI's replacement tyres are every bit as good as the originals.

Your local MINI Centre will look for any bulges or cracks in your tyres and if they need replacing, only the best tyres - MINI Approved Tyres - will be fitted.

You can revamp your MINI with a wide choice of designer alloys.


MINI Star Marked Tyres - price match promise

For a limited period of time, with our Price Match Promise, your local MINI Centre will price match like-for-like Star Marked Tyres from local tyre retailers.*

MINI Star Marked tyres are designed in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers, meaning they not only provide a smooth drive and optimum grip, but also ensure that they are made specifically for your MINI model.

*Participating Retailers only. Terms and conditions apply. Contact your local Retailer for more information.

Run-Flat Tyres

Most MINIs are now fitted with Run-flat tyres - this means that even with a puncture, you can safely drive for up to 50 miles at 50 mph until you reach a MINI Centre. You can spot a MINI Run-flat tyre because they will have a Run-flat related acronym or logo on the side-wall. Example acronyms used by a variety of tyre manufacturers are: SSR, RSC, ROF, RFT and ZP.

Find out how to keep it legal

The minimum legal tread depth for a tyre is 1.6mm across the middle 75% of the tyre at any point. You can check this by the tyre wear indicators that you'll find within the base of the tyre tread groove.

Once the tyre tread has worn below these indicators your tyres are illegal. We recommend you act when they're down to 3mm, as by this point, the tyre is 78% worn and road-holding, acceleration and braking will already be compromised, especially in wet and wintry conditions.

Remember, when your tyres are below the legal limit this can result in a fine and penalty points on your driving license.

Get in touch with your local MINI Centre to find out more about MINI Approved Tyres.

EU Tyre regulations TandC


Hotlinked to your MINI Centre


Hotlinked to your MINI Centre.

MINI Teleservices is a collection of innovative and intelligent features which make life as a MINI owner effortlessly convenient – from monitoring your battery charge to alerting your MINI Centre when your car is due a service. And what’s more, Teleservices is standard on MINI Hatch & Clubman models from March 2016 and Convertible models from July 2016.



Full service range.

The whole range of services we offer, using top-quality Genuine MINI Parts, is guaranteed for two years.

MINI Inspection I Moreinformation
MINI Inspection II Moreinformation
New front brake pads Moreinformation
New rear brake pads Moreinformation
New front brake discs Moreinformation
New rear brake discs Moreinformation
New brake fluid Moreinformation
New front suspension struts Moreinformation
New rear shock absorbers Moreinformation
New air filter Moreinformation
Engine oil service Moreinformation
New air conditioning microfilter Moreinformation
New wiper blades Moreinformation
New battery Moreinformation
New clutch Moreinformation
New spark plugs Moreinformation
New starter Moreinformation
New water pump Moreinformation


MINI value service

MINI value service.
No one loves your MINI like you do. But we come a close second.

We handle your MINI with care. Because we know just how much it means to you. MINI Value Service looks after MINIs three years or older to keep them running like new.