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Be one of the first in line.

The new MINI electric. Pre-order now with the feel good guarantee^.


MINI Electric front MINI Electric front

Peace of mind with the pre-order feel good guarantee.

Pre-order with a £500 deposit and you’ll be one of the first to own MINI Electric. Sure to get some serious attention at the traffic lights.

And because we’re so confident that you’re going to love the feeling of driving MINI Electric, pre-orders come with a Feel Good Guarantee^. That means if you take MINI Electric for a test drive and don’t feel the good times (fat chance) you’ll get your deposit back.

Stay in the loop with sneak peeks and inside news on how your MINI Electric is coming along over at Plant Oxford.

Charge ahead of the rest.

Pre-order online today and you’ll be one of the first to get your easy charging, money-saving, joy-to-drive MINI Electric. So. Fresh.
How it works

Feels like asking all the Right Questions.

What is a pre-order?

Place your MINI Electric pre-order to secure a production slot ahead of its official release in March 2020.


When will I receive my MINI?

Deliveries of MINI Electric models will begin in March 2020. When you receive your MINI Electric will depend on your final specification and when you placed your pre-order.

What payment methods are accepted for a pre-order?

You can pay the deposit for your MINI Electric pre-order using Visa or Mastercard on our secure online pre-order form.

Will I receive a confirmation?

Yes – you’ll get a confirmation email that will include your unique order number. If it doesn’t come through, then be sure to check your junk or spam folder. For any further assistance, get in touch with your local MINI Centre who’ll be happy to help.

Does my pre-order guarantee me a specific production slot?

Your pre-order does not guarantee a specific production slot, as this will be dependent on the final specification of your vehicle and when you placed your pre-order.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

Yes – you’ll need to contact your local MINI Centre if you’d like to cancel.

How will I be kept informed about my pre-order?

We’ll send you updates about MINI Electric via email. Your local MINI Centre will be in touch to allow you to choose the specification of your car in October 2019.

Do I need to specify a MINI Centre?

Yes – you’ll need to specify a preferred MINI Centre within the pre-order form.

When do I pay for my MINI?

You’ll need to discuss this with your local MINI Centre. You can also explore a range of options and packages with MINI Finance.

When will I receive confirmed model information including pricing and specification?

You will receive confirmed model information in September 2019.

When can I choose the specification of my MINI Electric?

You’ll be able to choose the full specification of your MINI Electric in October 2019. Your local MINI Centre will be in touch with you nearer the time to discuss your options.

Is my pre-order transferable to another person?

No. Your MINI Electric pre-order is non-transferable.

When can I test drive the MINI Electric?

You will be able to book a test drive from March 2020.

Can I order more than one?

No. MINI Electric pre-orders are limited to one per customer.

Will my pre-order be automatically converted into an order?

You will need to confirm the specification of your MINI Electric before your pre-order becomes an order.

Do I need to apply for the Plug-in Car Grant?

Your local MINI Centre will apply for the Plug-in Car Grant on your behalf.

Can I read the pre-order Terms and Conditions?

The terms and conditions for the MINI Electric pre-order can be found heremoreinformation.

Is there a MINI home-charging solution available for MINI Electric?

You will be able to buy a MINI Wallbox. With smart cable management and a high charging rate for a fast and convenient charging experience. At maximum charging power, your car can be recharged up to 80% in approx. 4 hours. Charging starts automatically the moment the car and charging cable are connected. Please speak to your MINI Centre to discuss.

What is the Feel Good Guarantee?

Driving MINI Electric feels like putting your foot down and getting instant torque back. Goosebumps. It’s that strange-yet-comforting total silence. Hearing your road trip playlist clearer than ever before. So. Good. So good in fact, that we swear you’re going to love it.

Pre-orders come with a Feel Good Guarantee. Place your pre-order and then take the MINI Electric for a test drive – if you don’t feel the good times (fat chance) then you’ll get your deposit back.

Pre-order now to be one of the first to drive.

Feel like showing off? Pre-orders for MINI Electric are now open. Put your £500 deposit down and start feeling like a VIP.

  • Secure your MINI Electric and be one of the very first people to receive it when it launches.
  • Receive exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes previews from Plant Oxford directly to your inbox.
  • Enjoy total confidence that you’re going to love your MINI Electric, with the back-up of the pre-order Feel Good Guarantee.

Learn More About MINI Electric.

MINI Electric front
MINI Electric is as much a joy-to-drive, tech-packed, iconic-looking car as any other MINI on sale today. But there are a few things that set it apart from the rest. Discover more about MINI Electric’s range of up to 144** miles and charging capabilities as well as the feel good perks of driving electric.
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