Your unique MINI, Your unique MINI,

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Oops! One too many.

Wanted: thrill-seekers.

Speed demon, style icon, go-kart. MINI has been thrilling people for generations. Want a piece of the action?

Born to corner.

Driving a MINI is a ton of fun, thanks to its legendary go-kart handling. We could go on about its lightning-quick responses and glue-like grip…

Got your pulse racing?

Those demon moves are down to its unique layout: the characteristic ‘bulldog’ stance with a wheel at each corner. It gives your MINI incredibly tight handling and balance. And a feeling of being sensationally close to the road.

Head-turning style.

It’s a little beefier and a whole lot faster, but more than 50 years on MINI still has the same knockout good looks. Check out those circular headlights, the hexagonal grille and hunkered-down curves.

We’ve kept all the best bits of the iconic original, but added extra muscle and modern effects, like the wrap-round glass windows to emphasise the floating effect of MINI’s ‘plant-on’ roof. The evolving MINI has stuck to its roots, but now, it’s even more fun to drive.

One in a million.

A MINI is like a blank canvas. You can tweak every detail from bumper to bumper, to create the MINI that’s perfect for you. And with over 10 million potential configurations, you can make your MINI one of a kind.


Million combinations

What’s your flavour?

Classic cool or devilishly handsome? With wheels and colours and stickers galore, you can tailor your MINI to suit your style. Make it sporty. Go retro-chic. Match your team colours, or your dog. It’s your MINI. Go play.