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Here at the MINIstry of Finance, we believe that your finance agreement should fit you like a glove. So we offer three different types of agreement that can be tailored to you, plus the services of a clued-up finance specialist at your local MINI Centre. They’ll make sure your bespoke deal adds up to exactly what you need. Whether you want to own your new or used MINI at the end of the deal, just lease it, or keep your options open – we have an agreement type to suit.

We put you, the customer, at the heart of everything we do, which is why we offer a simple and transparent solution for your car financing needs. When you finance your purchase with us, you won’t pay any arrangement fees or charges for setting up your finance agreement. Nor will you pay more than 10.9% APR * on any new or used MINIs across the range, meaning you can be sure that wherever you go, you can ask for straightforward and transparent finance from MINI Financial Services.


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MINI Select, our Personal Contract Purchase product, is our most popular car finance product for new and used MINIs.


We defer a portion of your MINI’s value to the very end of your finance agreement, which becomes your optional final payment. This final payment is your MINI’s Estimated Future Value and it’s based on what we think your MINI will be worth when your finance ends.


As you are deferring a proportion of the car’s value until the end of the agreement, your monthly payments could be less than you think. This may give you the flexibility to add more options to your MINI, or upgrade to a higher spec model, all within your budget. Or just pay less a month for the MINI you want, compared to Hire Purchase, where you own your MINI at the end of the agreement (although the total amount payable for you to own it may be more).


Simply choose a MINI you like and we’ll arrange a finance package that suits you, depending on how long you want your contract to last (usually between 24 and 48 months), your annual mileage and your deposit. Whether you have a monthly payment or particular deposit in mind, we can rustle up a repayment plan to suit your budget and lifestyle.

The Estimate Future Value lets you keep your options open at the end of your agreement. Your choice will be based on the future value of the car, which is why it’s important that your mileage estimate is spot on. Depending on what the market value is when you come to change your car, you have the flexibility to choose from one of the following options:

  • Pay the optional final payment and own your beloved MINI **
  • Part-exchange your MINI for a shiny new one ***
  • Hand your MINI back ****

In options 1 and 2, if the value of your car is more than what we predicted for you in the Estimated Future Value, you get the benefit.


If the Estimated Future Value does not meet the market value, you are covered by the guarantee in the third option, do not have to pay the final payment, and can hand your MINI back to us. However, your choice will need to factor in any extra charges relating to excess mileage and the condition of your car, which will influence the final market value.


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If you’re interested in owning a new or used MINI at the end of your finance agreement with fixed regular payments and no mileage restrictions, MINI Hire Purchase could be for you.


We can crunch the numbers to find the perfect deal for you, based on your deposit, budget for monthly payments and how long you want the agreement to last (usually between 12 and 60 months). The purchase price of your MINI, minus your deposit becomes the balance you need to repay. We then add any interest and fees, and you pay the total monthly over the term you choose. Once you’ve made all the payments, it’s all yours. *****


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If you like the idea of hiring a new MINI rather than ultimately owning it, MINI Contract Hire could be the ideal solution for you. With this product you get all the thrills of driving a new MINI, minus the hassle of depreciation, or having to re-sell it.

MINI Contract Hire is a popular choice with our business customers because VAT registered businesses can reclaim up to 50% of the VAT on their rentals and up to 100% of the VAT on the maintenance charge. ******


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Once you’ve chosen a MINI, decide on how long you’d like to hire it for (usually between 24 and 48 months) and what your estimated annual mileage will be. We then agree with you an initial payment amount and a regular monthly rental to suit your budget.

As long as the MINI is within the agreed mileage and kept in good condition ******* you will have nothing more to pay when you hand it the back at the end of the agreement, where you have the freedom to start again with another MINI.


For extra peace of mind, you can also include an optional maintenance package at an extra cost (available on selected MINIs only).


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