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How MINIs are made
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A MINI's Second Life.

From the outset, MINI focuses on sustainable design, and design-for-recycling with easy-to-dismantle bodywork and recyclable materials. This is planned up to five years in advance before the car even meets the production line.

MINI's Recycling Strategy.

Recycling Body


After the dismantling process, the parts of the MINI body are sorted and shredded with a recycling and recovery rate of up to 95%. These materials can then fulfil a wide range of purposes – from energy production to smelting. And of course, the chances are also good that these parts will result in another MINI.

Recycling Glass


Front and rear windscreens, as well as the windows of the scrapped MINI are sent to sheet-glass recycling plants. And since recycled glass is a prime raw material for the glass industry, it is quite possible that a former MINI windscreen may one day become part of a new MINI.

Recycling Catalytic Glass

Catalytic Converters.

Precious metals are extracted from out-of-action MINIs during the recycling process. The platinum contained in the catalytic converter is used in the production of new converters.

Recycling Battery


The lead of the MINI battery is melted down for reuse in a lead smelter. Which means that it is also used in the manufacture of new batteries.

MINI 3-door hatch MINI 3-door hatch

Looking To Recycle Your MINI?

If you would like to recycle your MINI for free, please visit our recycling partner website, and select a collection time that suits you.

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