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Service with MINI.

We love your MINI. Almost as much as you do.

Your MINI is so much more than a car – no one understands that better than we do. We know you want to make sure it gets the best care possible. When you service your MINI with us, it’s guaranteed to be treated with the same love and attention as when we created it – and we only ever use Genuine MINI Parts.

Reasons to service with MINI.


When you bring your MINI to one of our Service Centres, it’ll go through an electronic visual health check (EVHC). Our trained technicians will complete a thorough inspection to make sure key components are running as they should be. Once they’ve completed the health check, they’ll provide an overview and should anything need addressing this will be highlighted by your Service Advisor. Which means less time off the road, and more time enjoying your MINI.
Electronic visual health checks videos

Explore our service glossary.

We don’t expect you to know all of the technical lingo. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide, so that you can find what your MINI needs. Take a look and browse terms, phrases, parts and services.
Service options Service options


Our MOTs are carried out by MINI Trained Technicians and include pre-MOT checks and MINI MOT Protect*, giving you peace of mind. With MINI MOT Protect repairs, replacements and labour are all covered on a list of key items from electrical and lighting to steering and suspension.

*Applicable only for the first MOT on a new vehicle, MOT Protect will cover a list of key items with the exception of the windscreen, wheels, tyres, items replaced as part of routine servicing (e.g. brake disks and pads) and modified and/or non-MINI components

MINI Air Conditioning servicing.

Choose between MINI Recharge or MINI Refresh. The MINI Air Conditioning Recharge is a full system check, for when you’re struggling to achieve desired temperatures or defog your windscreen. The MINI Air Conditioning Refresh treats the air vents and interior, giving your MINI that new car feeling.

MINI Pit Stop.

We know how busy you are, which is why we offer MINI Pit Stop. A range of our services are available to book as a 90 minute appointment, which means you’ll get your MINI serviced without the need for courtesy cars or long waits. Discover which services are available as a MINI Pit Stop on our online booking tool.

Preferential pricing for MINIs over three years old.

Treats aren’t just for new MINIs. Once your MINI turns three years old, it qualifies for preferential pricing on parts and labour. Want to find out more? Get in touch with your local MINI Centre today.

Pay monthly.

We’ve made planning ahead easier. Now you can give your MINI the care it deserves for a monthly payment of just £17.99 or if you drive MINI Electric from just £10. Your service plan is offered at a fixed price for its duration, so you’re protected against inflation and future price rises.
Servicing finance options Servicing finance options
battery health


Your MINI’s battery helps to power the driving experience you know and love. Which is why it’s important to keep it in tip-top condition. Find out how to do just that with our helpful battery guide.

Book your service online.

Thinking of choosing an official MINI service? Smart move.
MINI steering wheel

Increased safety measures.

Our MINI Centres are open and operating with safety measures in place. They're taking every precaution to protect both you and their teams. In addition, the contact surfaces inside your MINI will be regularly cleaned and disinfected, further details can be found via the link below.