Cleaning and care.

Get your MINI looking as fresh as it did when you got it with our range of cleaning products and equipment. Our range of Genuine MINI Accessories are available to purchase directly from our eBay and Amazon stores, or from your preferred MINI Centre. Some accessories require us to ask for your VIN number, so that we can make sure it’s the right fit for your MINI. You can find this on your MINI’S windscreen below your wiper blades, or on your registration certificate.
Windscreen Washer Concentrate without Antifreeze

Windscreen Washer Concentrate without Antifreeze.

Remove dirt, insect residue, pollen, residues of car wash wax and oily dirt. No streaking and reliable as your MINI itself, this window cleaner concentrate is perfect for keeping your windscreen clean.
car wash shampoo

Car Wash Shampoo.

Specially tested in the MINI laboratory, our MINI Car Wash Shampoo quickly and easily removes dirt from your car. It’s a real treat for your MINI and its material-friendly concentrate is perfect for thorough hand washing of your car.
ice scraper

Ice Scraper.

A real must-have for any driver. Our sturdy ice scraper with 2-component plastic can be used to thoroughly remove ice and snow from your MINI. It also features soft grip detailing on the handle, making the scraper non-slip and easy to hold.
glass cleaner

Glass Cleaner.

Our MINI Glass Cleaner removes all kinds of stains including dust, oil and food stains. It also offers an antistatic effect whilst stopping windows and mirrors from fogging over. 

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