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Government Grants.

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It’s not just fuel you can save when you switch to electric. You can save some serious money too. Because the government is offering grants towards the cost of low and no-emissions vehicles.

Which means right now you can enjoy a government electric car grant, also known as a plug-in car grant, on MINI Electric. Keep reading to find out how it works.

These automatic government grant schemes, often named ‘OLEV grants’, take thousands off of retail prices. And the financial perks don’t stop there. There are also electric car charging point grants and home charging point grants to explore too. Making it even easier and cheaper than ever to install a convenient home charging point that speeds up your charging time.

With these and many other grants and incentives on offer, there’s never been a better time to go electric with your next car.


If you’re considering a MINI Electric, you’ll be happy to hear that it qualifies for the full Plug In Car Grant offered by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV grant). That means the maximum £1,500 has already been deducted from the retail price. 

Find out more about the government’s plug-in car grants here

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The grant pays 75% towards the cost and installation of a homecharge unit (up to a maximum of £350).


Drivers who choose a MINI Electric will get to enjoy a host of feel good financial perks, from grants and reduced servicing costs to tax breaks. Keen to find out more about the tax benefits of electric cars? We can walk you through some of the highlights. And if you’re looking for a full list of reasons to go all electric, then be sure to check out our guide.

Did you know MINI Electric is exempt from London’s Congestion Charge? As electric vehicles produce no emissions, they’re entitled to a 100% discount. And because of that zero emission status, it’s also exempt from road tax too.

If you’re thinking about choosing a MINI Electric for your business car, then you’ll be happy to hear there’s a 1% BIK rate in 2021. And you’ll keep enjoying low BIK rates for years to come, as it rises to just 2% in 2022 and remains at that level in 2023.

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Enjoy emission free driving, without compromising on that iconic MINI styling. MINI Electric has all the hallmarks of the Hatch, with the same iconic design and go-kart handling. And you can put your own stamp on it too, with a wide selection of styling options. Dig into the details to select your perfect MINI Electric today.

There’s never been a better time to switch. Because MINI Electric it’s eligible for the government electric car grant, which means you’ll get £1,500 towards the cost of its retail price. Our MINI Centre staff are on hand to help with any questions you might have about the government’s plug in car grant, and can confirm funding for your chosen car.

Whether you’re seeking a car that’s filled with driving joy or simply something that can elevate your everyday commute, we’re confident MINI Electric can tick all the boxes. In fact, we’re so confident we even put it to the test with a couple of drivers considering the switch. Discover what they made of the drive.


A charging point could really help speed things up when it comes to recharging your electric car, with some points taking just three hours to charge from 0-80%. There’s a selection of grants available to help owners and businesses with the cost of purchasing and installing charging points.
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If you have off-street parking, you could qualify for the government home charging scheme, also known as the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS).

The EVHS grant pays 75% towards the cost and installation of a home charging unit (up to a maximum of £350). Thanks to its ultra low emissions, MINI Electric has been approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), which makes it eligible for the scheme. Already an owner? You can buy a Homecharge unit today through the bp Chargemaster website.

To qualify for the grant you need to be able to prove that you’re the driver who’s purchasing, or leasing, a qualifying car like MINI Electric. You’ll also need dedicated off-street parking at your home. You can apply for an EVHS grant for up to two charging points at the same property, as long as you have two qualifying cars.

Find out more about charging your MINI at home here.


Registered businesses, charities and public sector organisations can help their workforce charge up easily thanks to the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).

The scheme is voucher-based, offering applicants a maximum of £350 towards each charging point, and helps with the upfront cost of making your workplace electric car friendly. You can apply for up to 40 charging points across all of your companies’ sites.

To be eligible you’ll need to prove that you’re a registered business in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland with your Companies House reference number. You’ll also need to let them know you have a genuine need for electric vehicle charging equipment, or are intending to encourage uptake with your staff. For more information and details on applying, see the government website.

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