How MINIs are made
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How MINIs Are Made.

Our UK Production Plants Are Where Minis Are Born.

Our plants are the heart and home of the MINI production line. They're where MINIs are born. Crafted. Painted. Personalised. And finally, set free to take on the world.

The Stages Of Production.

MINI plant production

Press Shop.

Plant Swindon produces over 350 different pressed parts for the MINI body shell. All MINI production presses have been thoroughly revised, automated and equipped with the latest electronic control systems. 

MINI Plant sub assembly

Sub Assembly.

Around 250 robots are used in the highly automated process of the door, bonnet and tailgate assemblies at MINI.

MINI plant production

Body In White.

The MINI first takes shape in the body-in-white facility. Body panels and sub-assemblies come into the body shop just in time and just in sequence from the Swindon Plant. The different body models can be produced in any sequence.

MINI plant production

Paint Shop.

First impressions count, especially when it comes to a car's colour. Our quality processes ensure the painted finish will protect each MINI from environmental influences and corrosion.

MINI plant production


This is the final stage in the MINI's journey through Plant Oxford, where the car will be fully finished and sent to meet its new owner.

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