MINI Countryman C


Style Highlights.

Bring a taste of the track to the road with enticing alloy wheels, race-inspired sports seats and refined materials.


Here are a few of the great features you can look forward to with your selection.

MINI Countryman C MINI Experience Modes
MINI Countryman C Driving Assistant
MINI Countryman C Heated Steering Wheel
MINI Countryman C Alarm System
MINI Countryman C MINI Experience Modes

MINI Experience Modes

Immerse yourself in a compelling orchestration of light and sound. Choose from up to eight MINI Experience Modes and transform your interior into a new sensory experience. Each mode has its own creative design, colour, dynamic background and sound palette. Flick the switch in the toggle bar and personalise your surroundings to how you're feeling. Core, Go-kart and Green come as standard – and four optional modes – Personal, Timeless, Vivid and Balance – give you more ways to see, hear and feel your mood in the cockpit. An optional light projector on the back of the MINI Interaction Unit bathes the whole dash in colours and patterns to match the Experience Mode selected. And the optional Head-up Display also adapts to the mode you have chosen.

MINI Countryman C Driving Assistant

Driving Assistant

Like having an extra pair of eyes. The radar-based driver assistance system warns you about vehicles in the “blind spot” and if needed actively supports steering your MINI back into the lane. In addition it helps detecting crossing traffic behind you when you are reversing with your MINI. It also helps preventing accidents in the rear e.g. by warning approaching traffic by flashing your MINI ‘s hazard lights. Last but not least it warns you when you open the door for exiting your MINI in case there is a risk of a collision with traffic passing by from the back. Please note that the systems contained in this equipment only provide assistance within specifically defined limits. Drivers bear the final responsibility to adapt their driving to respond to the traffic conditions. Feature availability subject to country-specific regulations.

MINI Countryman C Heated Steering Wheel

Heated Steering Wheel

Cooler than you might think. Steering wheel heating gets the rim of your steering wheel to a comfortable temperature in a very short time. So in the winter months, this will keep your hands warm as you drive and make your daily commute or road trip a far more pleasant experience

MINI Countryman C Alarm System

Alarm System

Enjoy extra protection against theft, and greater peace of mind should anyone attempt to break into or remove your MINI. This alarm system responds to changes of position and vibrations by triggering a warning sound and activating the flashing hazard lights. A light in the interior mirror shows the system has been activated.


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It is classified as a "MINI SUV" or subcompact crossover – the smallest class of body-on-frame SUV and is engineered for off-road use with a ALL4 four-wheel drive. You could say the MINI Countryman is a big small SUV. Thanks to MINI’s creative use of space, it makes use of every centimetre. The high roof gives the tallest driver plenty of headroom, there's lots of leg room and the wide interior offers passengers plenty of space to find their space. It is one of the biggest small SUVs in the rear, too, and can comfortably accommodate two tall adults in the back, behind a couple of similar-sized people sitting in the front. Its back seats fold to offer extra boot space or legroom, with up to 1,390 litres of room to use. It’s a practical family car with premium looks but still tough, rugged and versatile enough to let you have serious offroad fun.

ALL4 all-wheel drive. The ALL4 system is an electro-hydraulic all-wheel drive system that uses an electronically managed hydraulic pump located on the rear axle to distribute torque to the front and rear wheels. It effectively splits engine power between the front and rear wheels on a 50/50 basis by default but redistributes 100% of power back to the front wheels on demand. This gives you all the control you need for all roads in all seasons.

The ground clearance or ride height of a car measures the least distance between the lower end of the vehicle body (chassis) and the road. So it defines the lowermost part of your MINI in comparison to the ground. The unladen ground clearance of the MINI Countryman is 165 mm, which is optimal if you are going to do a lot of driving on bumpy roads or encounter uneven surfaces and potholes.

Our range of 17-20” (up to 21" as accessory) elegant or sporty alloy wheels will greatly enhance your ride and give your MINI Countryman a very bold, individual look. Just select your engine performance and then choose from the selection of corresponding seasonal summer and cold weather wheels. As a general-purpose size, you might find 16" the most versatile. But the size of wheel is subjective as it really depends on your taste in design and your priorities. Consult your preferred MINI dealer for more information – and maybe take a test drive or two to see and feel the difference.

Yes, you can greatly increase your storage space by adding a bike rack. The MINI Rear Bike Carrier can transport multiple bicycles. It’s lightweight and sturdy, with a simple click-on action and tilt function that allows easy access to the boot.
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