¹OVO is offering ‘5,000 Free Green Miles’, for new MINI Electric customers who sign up to the OVO Drive energy plan. This will be delivered via a £15 credit being applied to your OVO Energy account each month for the first 12 months of your contract, up to a maximum total credit of £180. Terms and conditions apply. For more information click here.


²The receipt of the EVHS grant is subject to the eligibility. The grant amount and eligibility may change from time to time following Government policy or regulation.


*New vehicle customers who have purchased a new fully electric or plug-in hybrid MINI vehicle through a MINI Retailer and whose vehicle handover took/takes place on or after 1st February 2021 are eligible to receive the bp pulse package for 12 months without subscription fee if they have registered for the Flex tariff. The offer is valid once for a specific vehicle VIN handed over to the customer from 1st February 2021 and cannot be transferred to other vehicles or owners. After the subscription fee exemption expires, the regular Flex Tariff conditions will be applied. This promotional offer applies to the package subscription fee only, usage costs remain the responsibility of the customer. This promotional offer does not apply to used vehicles.


**Cost per mile for cars with a petrol or a diesel engine varies between 9p to 19.1p. Source: UK Government website (8 June 2021).