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JCW LED doorsill finishers

Price from £ 124.25

Open the door, welcome the passion. The doorsill finishers display the John Cooper Works design and are back-lit with highly efficient LEDs. This makes them magical to behold in darkness, whilst they are still easily visible in daylight. Step into joy, in style.

Set of 4. Front LED door sills, non-illuminated rear door sills.

References: 51 47 2 360 667.

  • Model Availability

    • MINI 5 door One
    • MINI 5 door One D
    • MINI 5 door Cooper
    • MINI 5 door Cooper D
    • MINI 5 door Cooper S
    • MINI 5 door Cooper SD
    • MINI 5 door John Cooper Works
    • MINI Clubman One de 2015
    • MINI Clubman One D de 2015
    • MINI Clubman Cooper de 2015
    • MINI Clubman Cooper D de 2015
    • MINI Clubman Cooper S de 2015
    • MINI Clubman Cooper SD de 2015
    • MINI Clubman John Cooper Works From 2015
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