about MINI LIVING. “Forests” Installation by Asif Khan.

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MINI LIVING scanned London for spatial potentials within the public realm and identified a network of three exemplary locations of underused public spaces within the city fabric. These locations serve as the basis for the MINI LIVING “Third Places” concept and its interpretation by Asif Khan.

Asif Khan has designed a family of architec- tural installations called “Forests” using plants to explore the relationship between public and private space in the city. The designs speculate on the possibilities of “third places” as described by sociologist Ray Oldenburg; places which “host the regular, voluntary, informal, and happily an- ticipated gatherings of individuals beyond the realms of home and work.”

Around Shoreditch, visitors will find a series of ‘forest’ environments each holding miniature forests populated by plants which visitors can take home during the Festival. Established Horticulturalist Jin Ahn of the Conservatory Archives in Hackney to curate the plant life at the installations. 




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Supported by MINI

MINI LIVING: Future of urban living in a post-growth era
11.00am–12pm, 19 September The Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, V&A Level 4 Free, drop in. See p.58

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