MINI LIVING – Localitation and schedule. “Forests” Installation by Asif Khan.

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17/09/16 18/09/16 19/09/16 20/09/16 21/09/16
10am–8pm 10am–6pm 8am–8pm 8am–10pm 8am–9pm
22/09/16 23/09/16 24/09/16 25/09/16
8am–8pm 8am–8pm 10am–8pm 10am–6pm
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Supported by MINI

MINI LIVING: Future of urban living in a post-growth era
11.00am–12pm, 19 September The Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, V&A Level 4 Free, drop in. See p.58

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