Less is more.

A powerhouse it most definitely is, but the MINI has its strength well under control and only takes what it needs. Thanks to innovative technologies, it's also strong on energy economy and fuel efficiency, too.
Less fuel means fewer emmissions



A MINI doesn’t ask for much. The on-demand components provide it with what it needs, whenever it needs it. Its automatic cooling and supply systems switch themselves on when required and then off again, all on their own. This reduces energy consumption: less fuel is needed, fewer emissions are generated.


All important engine components actively contribute to improving the energy balance sheet of the MINI. So too do its lightweight components and its new electronic and auxiliary systems.

Intelligent assistance systems improve fuel economy and driving enjoyment
intelligent assistance systems.

Don't worry. you're still the driver.

MINI knows when it's on to a good thing – for itself, for its drivers and for the environment. Intelligent technologies, such as the Auto Start Stop function and Shift Point Display, ensure that MINI drivers enjoy on-the-road economy. Yet that's not enough for a MINI. Of course not. A MINI wouldn’t be a MINI if it didn't strive for more.


After all, it's all about saving energy with the right technologies in as many situations as possible – whether you’re accelerating, braking, turning or just simply standing still.

A lightweight aluminium chassis and economical technology make MINIs efficient
Technology and construction.

A clever design. typically mini.

In a MINI, the heart and mind work in sync within one agile body. In tandem with economical technology and intelligent driving systems, the highly developed exterior design is the ideal framework for the typical MINI driving fun.


The sportiness of a MINI is due in no small part to its lightweight aluminium chassis components, with aerodynamic details helping to enhance all-round efficiency. In short: MINIMALISM in top form.

MINI E. 100% Electric. 100% MINI.

A highly charged mini.

Driving is most fun when it doesn’t harm the environment. After all, everybody gets that much more of an energy boost when the air's clean. The MINI E has a particularly novel way of recharging - from the electrical socket. For plug & play, read plug & drive – through luscious woodlands and past wind turbines and solar power stations. 100% Electric. 100% MINI.