dog inside car dog inside car

The Paw-Fect Things To Pack For Your Next Road Trip.

Like our favourite pooches, road trips come in all shapes and sizes. You could be simply nipping off to a country park, heading to the beach or going on a grand tour in your MINI. But whatever you’ve got in mind, you’ll have a happier canine companion if you plan ahead and take the right stuff with you.

So, we’ve sniffed out some dog travel essentials to help.

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Just like small children – or adults for that matter – your dog might get a bit bored now and then. So keep them amused by packing their favourite toys. Comfy blankets and bedding will help them stay relaxed too, and its always worth bringing some treats for your pooch.


As you put the miles in, remember to keep your dog well fed and watered or they’ll start giving you that ‘I’m hungry’ look.

Pre-prepare some of their favourite chews and make sure they don’t get dehydrated – you can find travel water bottles and bowls that have been specially designed for dogs. And if your pet passenger needs medication, remember to bring it with you and you’ll avoid a hurried detour to the vet.


When it comes to safety, remember that rule 57 of the Highway Code says that a dog in a vehicle needs to be suitably restrained. One of the best ways to do this is by using a dog guard. 


If your road trip is taking you to the EU, don’t forget that your pooch will need a valid Animal Health Certificate. They’ll also need be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.
dog inside car
dog sitting in boot dog sitting in boot


Muddy boots and paws – sometimes you just can’t avoid them. But you can help keep your MINI clean by having a towel to rub down your playful pet, and by fitting some stylish and sturdy car mats.

And while we’re on the subject of dirt, there’s one final travel essential to add to your list – poo bags… enough said.


When it comes to dog-friendly cars, the MINI Clubman is a breed apart. While the split rear doors make jumping in and out easy, its spacious boot has plenty of stretch room. The Clubman’s smooth handling means your dog will stay relaxed and comfy, while there are also a range of accessories to explore to keep your pooch happy and comfy, including dog guards, boot dividers, mats and more.

Did you know that MINI is the first Dogs Trust supported dog-friendly retailer? That means staff at each of our 131 retail centres have been trained to make our showrooms welcoming spaces where your pooch will feel at home.
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