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Paw-fect car accessories for dogs.

Wondering how to travel with a dog in a car? When it comes to happy journeys, start as you mean to go on. With a happy, settled pooch that’s ready for a road trip. Consider these helpful dog car accessories that can transform how your furry friend feels about drives.
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Safety features that make sure they sit and stay.

Our dogs are precious cargo, which is why dog car safety is our top priority. It’s crucial to make sure our pets are safe and secure while on the road. Finding the right restraint starts with determining which part of the car they’re likely to travel in.

If you have a dog travelling in the car boot, you’ll want to look into mesh guards. They divide the car and help to keep your pup in their section. Preventing them from hopping out and causing havoc. It’s both good practice, but also a legal requirement, with Rule 57 of the Highway Code stating "when in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving”. You can also opt for a dog crate for car boots if your furry pal is smaller in size.

If you have a smaller dog that sits in the back, you can keep them safe with a dog car safety harness. Think of it as a seatbelt for your four-legged friend. It should be placed around their chest and neck, fitting well. Check it’s not too tight by fitting two fingers between your dog and the harness.

Protect your MINI from muddy paws.

When it comes to walkies, we know our dogs believe the muckier the better. Protect your car’s upholstery with a barrier between paws and seats (and even the boot). Car boot liners for dogs, as well as floor mats and seat covers are all an easy way to shield your interior.

As well as protecting your boot, they help to stop soggy dogs from skidding around. And can be removed quickly and easily. Keeping your car just the way you like it. Hit the button below to shop dog car boot covers, along with other items to protect the interior of your MINI.

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Make it dog-friendly.

Help your dog settle into the drive by bringing some familiar, comforting items along with you. A blanket or towel filled with their favourite smells, or even a comfy cushion, can make all the difference. If you’ve got a little dog, it might be as simple as bringing their beloved carrier (which will, of course, need to be secured in place).

What makes a happy environment will change from dog to dog. And no one knows your woofer better than you.