Becky and Blair live on a fabulous farm in Perthshire with their four children. And as first-time MINI Electric owners, they’re on hand to share their real-life experiences, top tips and to help take your electric worries away.

We caught up with the couple to find out what they love most about the MINI Electric, how it fits into family (and farm) life, and how they’ve found charging it. Check out the video below to hear from Blair and Becky themselves, then keep scrolling to read more of the wonderful things they had to say.


Still not sure about making the switch? Our Perthshire pair are here to help. Here’s what else they told us when we sat down for a good natter.

How have you found charging the MINI Electric?

It's been great. We had a fast charger installed at the farm which can take the battery from zero to full charge in around two and a half hours. And it’s just so easy, it becomes like second nature. Everyone always says, “Do you not forget to plug it in?” Well, no, it just becomes habit. Get out. Plug it in. You don't even think about it.

MINI Insiders Rachael
MINI Insiders Rachael

Is this the first MINI you’ve driven?

[BLAIR] No, I've always had a soft spot for them! My first car was a 1977 Hawaiian green Mini and then I had a Mini Cooper. So when we started to think about electric, my first thought was MINI. We test drove the MINI Electric for a whole weekend and we just fell in love with it. It was like being back in my first car in terms of how easy and fun it is to handle – with the added bonus of electric power and loads of amazing technology. Our eldest daughter is 16 and I’m already thinking about how this will be a great car for her to learn to park and drive in. It's like a go-kart!

How does the MINI Electric compare to your other fuel-powered cars?

It's unbelievable how much money it’s saved us, especially when the cost of diesel went right up. We did 22,000 miles in around six months using it as our main car to commute to work, nip around town, run errands and take the kids to school – which would’ve cost us so much more if we were filling it up with fuel.

How would you describe your MINI in one word?

[BECKY] FUN! I'm always telling people to get one because it's this little pocket rocket that’s such fun to drive. And it’s not like having a small car where you feel vulnerable. You feel really safe in it, but it's still got an amazing power behind it. It's also got all the features you would need in a car: Spotify, Apple Carplay, everything you could imagine. It's so much fun.

MINI Insiders Henry


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