Rachael is an architect, sea swimmer and busy mum who’s often darting along the Cornish coast in her MINI Electric. And she’s here to share her real-life experiences, top tips and to help take your electric worries away. 

We caught up with her to see how she finds driving the MINI Electric, charging it at home, and using the handy MINI app. Check out the video below to see Rachael and her car in action, then keep scrolling to read more of what she had to say.  


Still on the fence when it comes to electric? Not for long. Here’s what else Rachael told us when we sat down for a good natter.

You live in beautiful Cornwall. How do you find driving your MINI Electric around?

I’ve seen more and more MINI Electrics in Cornwall recently – and I think that’s because they’re as good for country lanes and small towns as they are for cities. St Ives, for example, is full of really narrow lanes and the nippy MINI is perfect. You can park that car in places that most other people just pass by. I also love the instant power and leaving people behind at roundabouts: it's like driving a little go-kart. 

MINI Insiders Rachael
MINI Insiders Rachael

And how does your lovely dog get on in the MINI Electric?

She's a Japanese Akita and she’s massive, but she’s absolutely fine in the MINI. I just put the back seat down and she jumps in – usually ready for a lovely beach walk!

How have you found charging your MINI Electric, both at home and on the go?

Super easy. I did have some range anxiety to start with, but I can do all my usual errands, trips around town and even go to Exeter without having to worry about plugging in. I’ve used public charging points and they’re so easy, but I’m lucky enough to have a charger at home too. I plug my MINI in overnight for the best energy rate on my tariff and then wake up in the morning to it fully charged! I’m also an architect and I actually designed the street I live on, factoring in charging stations to make life easier for the future residents.

MINI Insiders
MINI Insiders Henry

What made you choose a MINI? Have you driven a MINI before?

I haven’t had a MINI before but one of my earliest (and fondest) memories is being driven around in my Grandma’s Mini in the late 70’s. Even now, I feel like my car is like my little therapy bubble and have the best conversations with my friends and son in the car – especially when he’s in charge of the Spotify playlist!

Have you tried out the MINI App yet?

Yep, I constantly use it to check the charging progress, see what my current range is and view my previous mileage. In fact, it helped me win a bet with my partner as I could prove I’d driven 100 miles without having to recharge. It’s making me money! I’ve also quickly tapped into the app while doing my food shop to check I’ve locked the car. It’s so handy for that.

MINI Insiders Rachael


It was seamless! I’ve had my last two MINIs on a finance agreement, and it was so easy to switch the paperwork over. A finance agreement makes so much sense to me. Not having to tie so much capital up in a car and being able to roll from one to another, enabling new driving experiences. What’s not to love!


We’re so sure you won’t want to hand the keys back after a quick spin that we’re offering you a MINI Electric test drive. That should give you plenty of time to experience the feel-good benefits of switching to electric – like instant torque, go-kart handling, and mile upon mile of zero-emissions driving. So take it out, see how easy electric is and wave goodbye to petrol pumps forever. Available at participating retailers only.


Whether you're looking for city thrills or big adventure there's a MINI to suit you. Who's In?