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MINI and Dogs Trust:
a paw-fect partnership.

It’s safe to say that here in the UK, we’re barking about our canine companions. And with the recent rise in pet ownership, what better time to explore how we can help dogs enjoy road trips more? So, we at MINI have partnered with Dogs Trust experts in a joint mission to help the nation’s dogs travel happier.

“Millions of people have welcomed dogs into their lives since the first lockdown, and many will be setting off on road trips with their canine companions this summer. To make sure everyone enjoys the journey, we’re here to share our top tips to help you and your dog travel happily and safely,” says Dr Jenna Kiddie, Head of Canine Behaviour at Dogs Trust.

We wanted to work with our dog welfare partners to create helpful tips for owners. But first we needed to understand how hounds have been enjoying the experience from the back or boot of a MINI. And after surveying 1,000 of our drivers, we’re jumping for joy to report 9/10 dogs are happy in a MINI.

We’ve used our findings, and are working in partnership with Dogs Trust canine behaviour experts to give you some simple tips to check your dog is a happy camper. It’s all in our brand-new Dogs Hub. Head there to find expert advice and handy accessories.

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No holds barked.

We gave a party of pooches free reign to trial a variety of MINI models. Hit play to find out whether they felt our cars were up to scratch.
Jenna Kiddie

Top Tips from Dogs Trust

Dr Jenna Kiddie, Head of Canine Behaviour at Dogs Trust, has some excellent advice. She recommends you “introduce them to car travel gradually, starting with very short journeys, and lots of positive reinforcement with treats.” Jenna added “watch your dog’s behaviour around and in the car – if they’re happy, they should seem calm and relaxed, and settle down easily once inside.” Fetch some more of Jenna’s fantastic tips over on the Dogs Hub.
MINI Range

Find the perfect MINI for your family.

If you’re here looking for a dog-friendly car, then you’re barking up the right tree. Browse our range of MINI models to find which is right for you and your canine companion.
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All woofers are welcome.

Here at MINI, we welcome dogs of every shape and size into our showrooms. So be sure to bring along your waggy pals on your next visit.