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MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept

The MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept.

The bold and Glorious: Coming 2020.

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept

Experience a new power.

Taking things to the extreme, our designers and engineers are driven by their ambition to create a uniquely track-focused racer. They enjoy challenges. They leave their comfort zones – adding angles, lines and surfaces no others dare to embrace.

If you like things bold and limited edition, then hold on to your hat. The official word is in: the new MINI John Cooper Works GP will launch in 2020. It's the fastest and most powerful road-ready MINI ever. With a glorious 4-cylinder turbo engine and more than 300 hp - it won't be for the faint-hearted.

Pre-ordering is now open. Please contact your local retailer to place your pre-order.

Pushing boundaries is deeply rooted in our DNA. Conceived for the streets, but born on the racetrack – the MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept builds on where our other two GP production models left off. It strikes an impressive balance of intimidating beauty and strength. JCW power, aerodynamics and construction captivate the observer with every detail.
MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept
This is a story of exciting contrast. Combining highest aesthetics with powerful sportiness, the MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept is presented in a stunning shade of Black Jack Anthracite. Curbside Red and High Speed Orange accentuate the smooth, sleek lines of the bodywork, underlining its assertiveness. It's bursting with adrenaline.

"Bursting with adrenaline."

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept – rear view
MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept
The MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept features tinted windows with a hint of mystery. The distinctive front is defined by the growling grill and meancing hood scoop. Low, wide and ferociously poised – it’s ready to run, not walk.

"Ready to run, not walk."

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept – cockpit
Stripped-down and simple, the interior continues the spirit of contrast. Tension is created between the stark white and striking details. This underscores the athletic strength. It’s punctuated solely by the bright aluminium roll cage, black dashboard and digital interface in the centre console.


Here is your exclusive chance to find out what it would feel like to be racing in the pilot seat of this concept. Take a look inside and start your own experience - in full 360° glory.

The New MINI John Cooper Works Gp.

Are you ready?

MINI John Cooper Works range

Inspired by a legend.

The MINI John Cooper Works models have their own unique characteristics but all boast awe-inspiring power under the bonnet – and share the same proud legacy. Each model is built with racing-grade tuning and upgraded parts to deliver a potent combination of precision handling and ballistic acceleration that would make John Cooper proud.

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