Looking after your MINI. Looking after your MINI.

Maintenance tips to keep your MINI in top condition.

Keep your MINI looking and feeling at its best. We’ve pulled together some expert cleaning tips as well as essential maintenance info that’s handy for all drivers to know.
MINI Cleaning Tips

Cleaning tips from our technicians.

Go pro with your next wash. Take things up a level with our top tips from the MINI experts. Hit the button below to unlock the nine key things to do for the perfect shine.
David Bowie MINI at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Looking after your battery.

When you’re in your MINI with the engine off, try to avoid listening to the radio, using your headlights, heating or air conditioning system as this can drain your battery. And last, but definitely not least, avoid turning the ignition on without actually going anywhere. Find out more on how to maintain your MINI's battery with our helpful guide.

Protecting your paintwork

Protecting your paintwork.

If your MINI is spending a lot of time parked, it might be in a place where it picks up some unpleasant things. You may find all sorts of undesirable marks on the paintwork, like bird lime and insect residue. If you do, remove it as soon as you can using warm water, shampoo and a sponge. That way you’ll avoid causing damage to the finish. If left too long you may find that you need to repair the area of paintwork so it matches the finish of the rest of the car.
David Bowie MINI at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Taking care of your electric battery.

Wondering how best to charge your MINI if it’s spending more time stationary? You can simply keep it connected to your home charger or wall box as charging will stop once the battery is full. An EV or Hybrid High Voltage battery can last for weeks when not being driven, as a Li-Ion battery has a low self-discharge rate.

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