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The new MINI Hatch and Convertible Range

The new MINI Shadow Edition.

MINIs with big attitude.

Brace yourself for a double bill of special edition, bold all-black MINIs. Confident. Clean-cut. And effortlessly cool. With every detail darkened for an added air of mystery. Perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd, and make a statement, without making a scene.

Take a closer look. There’s more to discover than meets the eye. These MINIs aren’t just black. They’re metallic, glossy and monochromatic. A midnight black sky with a silver lining. They both exhibit that timeless MINI look, but in an edgier way. Push boundaries with 19” John Cooper Works Circuit Spoke wheels. Blacked out light rings and MINI badge. And unparalleled levels of flair, including sport level trim throughout and bespoke, subtle Shadow badge detailing. All that comes before you even get behind the wheel. Before you experience its spirited and soulful drive. These aren’t like any other cars on the road.

They don’t just defy convention. They defy expectation. Our Shadow edition design is only available with our two biggest models, the MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman. Wait to be wowed by the outstanding legroom on offer. Relish really stretching out. Plus, both models boast a spacious boot that can carry a serious load.

Key features.

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