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Whether we’re completing an MOT check or replacing a part you can trust our trained technicians to treat your MINI with the best care possible, giving it the same love and attention as when it was originally built. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we only ever use Genuine MINI Parts, most of which come with a two-year parts warranty.
Find out everything you need to know about servicing your MINI with us, from the types of servicing we offer, to the steps our technicians follow when they look at your car. It’s all in our helpful guide below. Use the MINI Service Online Booking system to book your service quickly and easily, any time of day. All you need are your registration details and postcode. Or, if you prefer, you can call your MINI Centre directly to get booked in. Your MINI Service History will be updated with details of the work carried out.


We recommended booking an Engine Oil Service every two years (or 18,000 miles – whichever comes first). Changing your MINI’s oil improves mileage and helps maintain a healthy engine. We’ll drain* any old oil before refilling with MINI approved oil (did you know Original MINI Engine Oil has patented active cleansing technology that exceeds industry standards?). And we’ll also remove and replace your oil filter with a brand new MINI approved one.

When you come in for an Engine Oil Service with Microfilter (again, we recommend every two years or 18,000 miles – whichever comes first), we’ll also replace* your microfilter. Your microfilter helps to trap pollen and traffic fumes before they get into the cabin, so it’s crucial that it’s working correctly.
If your MINI needs any additional servicing, such as air filter and recirculating air filter, your technician will discuss this with you and can answer any questions you might have. For vehicles over 10 years old this may be referred to as an Inspection I service.

If you book an Engine Oil Service with Microfilter, Air Filter and Fuel Filter we’ll also remove* your worn air and fuel filters, replacing them with new MINI approved ones. Air filters help to keep air flowing into the engine to support the best possible performance. While the fuel filter removes impurities like dust and grit to ensure engine longevity.
MINIs with petrol engines will require an additional spark plug service during alternate services (for example, your second, fourth, sixth and so on). Your technician will be able to advise you on this and discuss options with you.

Your MINI’s Spark Plugs go through a lot, from cold starts during winter months to long motorway journeys. Our technicians can take a look to see what condition yours are in and, if necessary, replace them. MINI High-Power Spark Plugs are specially designed for MINI engines and their management systems and are made of resistant, high-quality materials such as iridium and platinum. They guarantee maximum performance even under the most extreme conditions.


Keep your brakes in good working order by booking a Brake Fluid Service. We’ll drain any remaining fluid from the system before replacing it with new MINI approved brake fluid.
Your MINI will require its first Brake Fluid Service three years from first registration, and then every two years thereafter.

When it comes to maintaining your MINI, its brake pads are one of the most crucial components to keep in good condition. After time they can wear thin and not create enough friction to effectively slow your car down. We recommend booking a Front Brake Pad Service around every 30,000 miles. It’s a good idea to pop in, even if your brakes are in good working order as we can identify an issue before it becomes a problem.
During your Front Brake Pad Service we’ll inspect your brake discs and clean and inspect your wheel wells too.
We’ll remove and replace your old pads with Genuine MINI Brake Pads, as well as removing and replacing your brake wear sensor with a MINI approved one, both of which are covered for faults with a two-year parts warranty.

To make sure your MINI is performing at its best, and in the safest way possible^, we recommend booking a Front Brake Pad and Disc Service around every 60,000 miles. Brake Pads are a crucial component to keep in good working order, so coming in for this service will ensure your pads and discs are working well to guarantee your safety.
In addition to replacing your old MINI Brake Pads, we’ll also replace your brake discs with Genuine MINI Brake Discs and clean and inspect your wheel wells too.

Brake pads wear at different rates for different drivers and their driving styles^, your MINI will indicate when it’s time to have yours checked. It goes without saying – it’s essential to keep your brake pads in good working order.
During your Rear Brake Pad and Disc Service we’ll inspect your brake discs and clean and inspect your wheel wells too.
We’ll remove and replace your old pads with Genuine MINI Brake Pads, as well as removing and replacing your brake wear sensor with a MINI approved one, both of which are covered by a two-year parts warranty.

Our trained technicians can advise how often you should come in to have your discs serviced. During your Rear Brake Pad and Disc Service, in addition to replacing your brake discs with Genuine MINI Brake Discs, we’ll also remove and replace your old pads with Genuine MINI Brake Pads. In addition to this we’ll also remove and replace your brake wear sensor with a Genuine MINI approved one. Each new part will be covered by a two-year warranty.

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Keep the good times rolling. Your Vehicle Check Service is a scheduled service that helps make sure your MINI is in its best possible condition. This service is required every three years from first registration and then around every two years after.
We’ll give your car a thorough inspection, including wheel and tyre checks. Our trained technicians will carry out a thorough examination to make sure your car is in optimal condition.
We’ll check all fluids, including brake fluids and oil, and top up with MINI approved fluids where necessary.
Your electrical systems and lights will be looked over, with our team checking for damage and correct set-up. Headlights will also be checked and adjusted if needed.
And because safety is our top priority, we’ll inspect your seatbelts to ensure they’re in good working order, checking for wear and damage.


Finding de-fogging your windscreen a little difficult lately? Your MINI might need an Air Conditioning Recharge. So, book yourself a service with our trained technicians, who will carry out full system checks for both pressure and leaks, as well as completely drain and refill the refrigerant and lubricants. You can rest assured that our technicians will give your MINI the care and attention it deserves, whilst only ever using Genuine MINI Parts.



Pining for that new car feeling? Treat your MINI to an Air Conditioning Refresh. Our team of trained technicians will clean and disinfect your evaporator and air duct systems with care. They’ll also treat the air vents and the interior of your MINI, so you can enjoy that fresh car feeling for even longer.

Has the servicing light come up on your dash? That’s your MINI telling you something needs to be looked at. When booking online, please provide as much detail as you can, such as mileage or service lights appearing, so we can book you in for the service you require.
Unsure which service it is that you need? Please give details of your last service (if known), your MINI’s mileage and any service icons displayed.  And if you’re one of our Teleservices customers, then you can sit back and relax – we’ll already know what your MINI needs (if you’re not, and want to be, you can sign up today).

Is something not quite right with your car? We can help identify the issue and help to correct it. We just need you to give us full details of the issues you’re experiencing, such as noise, the location the noise is coming from, which gear it happens in, whether you’re travelling – and at which speed, if it happens when you’re stationary, while turning (please detail whether it’s left or right) and any other information we might find useful.
Our experts will use this to book you in for a Fault Diagnosis and aim to get you back on track as soon as they can. Price will depend upon the investigation required and fault identified.

You’re required by law to book an annual MOT (once your car is three years old) so our trained technicians can ensure your car meets certain standards around road and safety and environmental impact.
Dozens of checks are carried out during your MOT, from lights to seatbelts, to the exhaust system and more. Our MOTs are carried out by MINI Trained Technicians who know MINIs like the back of their hand. And for new MINIs, we offer MINI MOT Protect^^, which covers repairs, replacements and labour on a list of key items from electrical and lighting to steering and suspension.


Before your warranty expires, we recommend booking in for an End of Warranty Check. That way, if your MINI requires any repairs or replacements, then they’ll be covered under warranty.
We’ll complete a comprehensive inspection of your MINI, and will check any areas that may be of concern to you. If any issues covered by warranty do come up, we’ll be able to fix them free of charge.
For added convenience, an End of Warranty check can be combined with your MINI’s first MOT (only applicable for vehicles 34 to 36 month from date of first registration).


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