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Get winter ready with MINI.

Fog, ice, snow and rain. Winter poses lots of tricky situations for drivers, so making sure your MINI is ready for the chilly elements is essential. We’re here to bring some helpful tips to make things a little easier as the colder months approach.
MINI Winter Tyres

1. Be ready for any weather.

Cold, wet and icy conditions can make for tricky driving due to the road being more slippery. Mini Winter Tyres are specially developed, with an ideal rubber mixture that helps them to perform most effectively in temperatures of 7°C and under. They provide greater traction, shorter braking distances and better cornering. Providing safer driving all round.

MINI Glass Cleaner

2. Keep it clean.

Notice a visible improvement by being extra vigilant with cleaning your windscreen and windows. Handy items like MINI Glass Cleaner and MINI Magic Wipes will have your windows sparkling, which’ll be especially helpful on those dark evenings and in foggy conditions.

MINI Car Eye 2.0

3. Have an eye on everything.

With it being darker for longer you might find it comforting to fit a MINI Advanced Car Eye 2.0 camera in your MINI. It’s placed in front of your rear-view mirror to capture activity outside of your car, even when it’s parked up.

White MINI Countryman front view

4. Don't get frozen out.

Keep some deicer at home, that way if your doors are frozen shut it won’t be trapped inside your boot or glovebox. Be prepared and stock up on MINI De-Icer which thaws those frozen window panes instantly, protects them from re-icing and helps to provide all round better visibility.

MINI floor mats

5. Protect your MINI from muddy boots.

Wet weather means one thing for sure – muddy shoes. Protect your MINI’s footwell and boot with rubber mats. Our MINI All-Weather Floor Mats add a bit of fashion to function.

Red jumper embroidered MINI logo in black

6. Keep your cool. And stay toasty.

Now that’s your MINI sorted. But what about you? The MINI Online Shop is packed with all sorts of goodies to get you winter ready, from cosy jumpers to stylish brollies and practical thermos mugs. Why not have a browse and treat yourself?


7. Don't forget – preparation is key.

Last, but certainly not least – give your MINI a check to make sure it’s ready for the road and give yourself plenty of time. It sounds like a simple tip, but it’s definitely an effective one. More time means less stress and an all-round calmer drive. If you’ve got the MINI App, you can even plot your journey from the comfort of your couch. The app will ping an alert when it’s the perfect time to leave.

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