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Super small. Super practical. The MINI 5-door Hatch is only 161mm longer than the original, but you get a lot more car. Aside from the two extra rear doors, it seats three people in the back with more leg room. The boot also packs in an extra 67 litres, taking the total to an impressive 278 litres. It’s a turbo-charged thriller with tonnes of space. Time to hit the road.

Chill or thrill?

Switch up your drive with MINI Driving Modes that can adapt performance to match your mood. Just twist the ring around the gearshift gate to alter your MINI’s handling and responsiveness. Relaxed Sunday afternoon? Go GREEN for a softer experience, optimised for fuel efficiency. Need your pulse quickened? Jump into SPORT with ultra-responsive steering, acceleration and suspension.


Night never falls in a MINI. Get glowing with ambient LED lighting throughout the interior. Choose from up to 255 different colours and set the light to match your vibe. Bright lights, big city, your MINI.

Head in the game.

Keep your eyes on the road with the MINI Head-Up Display. A transparent panel that rises up in front of the windscreen to put driving data right in your field of vision. Checking information like speed or navigation prompts has never been easier.

Safety in detail.

The MINI 5-door Hatch boasts a whole heap of safety features. Intelligent sensors take the guesswork out of tricky driving situations, while an array of features protect you in the event of a collision. So while it’s still a blast to drive, it’s also safer than ever.

All systems go.

The MINI Centre Instrument is your window to a world of technology features and online services. Transforming the iconic round space, left when the central speedo moved behind the steering wheel - this gorgeous high-resolution circular interface with full colour display is here to keep your finger on the pulse

The crystal clear screen controls everything from entertainment and navigation, to the advanced technology of MINI Connected. Think music, social streams, satellite navigation, driving information and in-car apps. Around the edge of the display runs an LED ring that flashes different colours to communicate different events. It’s the MINI’s beating heart.

MINI 5-Door Hatch


MINI 5-Door Hatch
HP Power
g/km CO2 disclaimer
s 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) Acceleration
One From £ 14,675
58.9, 58.9,
One D From £ 15,815
80.7, 80.7,
Cooper From £ 16,225
60.1, 60.1,
Cooper D From £ 17,375
78.5, 78.5,
Cooper S From £ 19,580
47.9, 47.9,
Cooper SD From £ 20,375
68.9, 68.9,