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The Low-Down on Electric.

What's everyone saying about MINI Electric?

The MINI Electric is coming. And it’s safe to say – we’re pretty excited. While it’s not available to the public just yet, we invited a selection of automotive insiders out to Germany for a chance to give it a whirl. Their expert opinions are in – they answer questions like; what’s it like to drive? How does it handle? Does it feel like a MINI?

Don't just take our word for it.

We could talk for days about how wonderful we think the MINI Electric is. But it’s not just us, dozens of industry insiders will tell you the same thing. Here’s a selection of some of MINI Electric’s coverage so far.

MINI Electric. Feelings With Kuba Przygoński.

Watch Polish rally driver Kuba Przygoński, a member of MINI's Dakar rally teams, take MINI’s first fully electric model for a spin.
MINI Electric Reviews

MINI Cooper SE 2019 Review: first drive of Electric MINI.

“It launches, fast, and without a hint of wheelspin or, more telling, spot braking of either front wheel.”

Autocar, March 2019

MINI Electric Reviews

New MINI Electric Prototype review.

“The Mini Cooper SE is still the best part of a year away, but it already feels ready to shake up the supermini and EV markets when it arrives.”

Auto Express, March 2019

MINI Electric Reviews

MINI Cooper SE Review: we drive the Electric prototype.

“The Mini Cooper SE is testament to how far battery technology has come in the last decade.”

CAR Magazine, March 2019

MINI Electric Reviews

New MINI Electric Prototype Review.

“As such, it’s a very agile car; perhaps more so than any electric vehicle currently on sale.”

Driving Electric, March 2019

MINI Electric Reviews

8 Things We Learned Driving the New Electric MINI Cooper SE.

“It’s tangibly a Mini, which is great, and will no doubt benefit from the fact no other affordable, electric car handles particularly well”

Top Gear, March 2019


MINI Electric People

Take a look at what the future looks like.

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MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid


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