all-electric Cooper and all-electric Countryman facing each other
Zero emissions on the road, plenty of fun behind the wheel. Nothing beats driving electric. But how do you increase your electric car’s battery range to get the most from every single adventure? Check out our top tips below.


Regenerative braking is a super handy mechanism found in all-electric vehicles. It converts the (usually wasted) kinetic energy that’s created when you slow down into electrical energy, which is sent back to the battery to charge it.

The regenerative braking function is adjustable in the all-electric MINI Cooper, so keep it set at the highest level for the best results. You can also make the most of the smart one-pedal driving mode, which lets you come to an almost complete stop without touching your brakes. The result? More energy that can be returned to the battery – and an increased range.


Think of the smoothest thing you can – and drive like it. Even with regenerative braking in action, fast acceleration and hard braking can waste battery energy. So take things steady and gently for maximum efficiency and to increase your electric car’s range. Keeping your speed down can help keep your range up too, as the quicker you drive, the more energy you use – and the harder the motor works.

Most electric cars feature an ‘eco’ driving mode that is dedicated to maximising efficiency. The all-electric MINI Cooper’s Green Mode does just that, anticipating the road ahead and helping you to accelerate more smoothly.


Heating and cooling your car can both reduce your range. On those icy winter mornings and sweltering summer days, aim to turn on your car’s heating or air con while it’s still plugged in and charging – a process known as pre-conditioning. That way, those systems are powered using energy from the mains rather than from the battery. So all your car has to do when you get going is maintain that set temperature, which uses much less energy.

If you have a electric MINI, you can pre-condition your car while you’re tucked up in bed, having your morning cuppa or from just about anywhere. With a few taps on the MINI App, you can set the temperature you want and it’ll be sorted by the time you get to your car – without the battery taking a hit.


The route you take will affect how much battery you use. Remember when we said the faster you go, the more energy required? Well that means motorways and high-speed dual carriageways use more of your battery than slower roads. That’s not to say don’t use them, of course. Just be mindful that you might be more likely to need a charging stop – and plan a route with places to plug in.

The electric MINI’s smart MINI Navigation system can tailor your routes to make them as energy efficient as possible. So while it may take a little longer to get from A to B, you could be increasing your range and saving the time it takes to stop and top-up!


Did you know charging actually becomes slower once an electric vehicle’s battery gets above 80% capacity? And that charging it beyond this level can cause the cells to degrade faster? That’s why we recommend only charging up to 80% for your shorter everyday trips – like popping to the shops, driving to the gym or running the kids to school. Save those full charge sessions for your long-distance adventures.


You’re probably not surprised to hear that the lighter your EV, the more efficient the battery. We’re not saying you need to go crazy by modifying your car and stripping everything out . You should just make sure your boot isn’t full of any clutter that might be weighing it down. Similarly, if your tyres are underinflated, you’ll get loads of rolling resistance and (you guessed it) it’ll take a toll on your range!
Now you know a thing or two about how to make your electric car battery last longer, it’s time to put them into practice and check out our marvellous electric MINI. Good times, guaranteed.


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