Your perfect MINI is just a few clicks away, but we want to help you select the model that best suits your needs. A key factor that’s often overlooked when deciding on a vehicle is its dimensions - knowing the exact measurements is extremely useful.
MINI Countryman – dimensions - three quarters
MINI Countryman - dimensions – side view


If you own a garage, you want to make sure your MINI will fit properly in the space you have. And not all garages are the same size. The new MINI Countryman is 4,433 mm long, has a width of 2,069 mm (at side mirrors) and a height of 1,656 mm. So it should fit into most spaces, and thanks to its quick steering, excellent handling and rear parking sensors, manoeuvring it around city streets and car parks is a dream.


The turning diameter of a car is the minimum space it needs to make a circular turn (i.e., a U-turn). The MINI Countryman has a small turning circle of 11.,5 m to give you surprisingly agile handling for a vehicle of its size. This is perfect for steering through city streets, heavy traffic and into tight spaces, – as well as straightening up after reversing. It handles twisty, off-road terrain with equal confidence.
MINI Countryman – dimensions – turning circle
MINI Countryman – dimensions – wheels and rims


Our range of 17-20” elegant or sporty alloy wheels (up to 21" as accessory) will greatly enhance your ride and give your MINI Countryman a very bold, individual look. Just select your engine performance and then choose from the selection of corresponding wheels. As a general-purpose size, you might find 17” the most versatile. But the size of the wheel is subjective as it really depends on your taste in design and your priorities. If you’re not sure, why not discuss this with your preferred MINI retailer who can explain the differences, and maybe take a test drive or two to see and feel the difference.
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