Driver technology.

More Than A Visionary Concept.

When we’re not imagining what the future might look like, our innovation team are developing and improving the technology found inside our road-ready MINIs.

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Never miss key information.

Keep your eyes on the road. Head-Up Display projects key information directly in your field of vision, like driving speed, navigation instructions and other data like telephone and entertainment details [depending on other equipment selected].


Right as rain.

Stay ahead of the weather with the MINI Convertible’s Rain Warner app. It checks the forecast in the area you’re heading to and if there’s a high chance of rain and you’re driving with the roof open, it’ll drop you a notification. 


Parking made perfect.

The optional Parking Assist function automatically steers your MINI into tricky, parallel parking spaces. There are also ultrasonic parking sensors mounted on the front and rear, which warn you if you’re getting too close to another car or object.

MINI Connected Services

MINI connected.

MINI Connected brings next-level connectivity to your MINI with a wide range of intelligent services and apps.

Enjoy all the information and entertainment you can handle, as well as the ultimate convenience of multitasking and more.

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MINI 3-door hatch MINI 3-door hatch

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Enjoy life in the mobile fast lane. Get the latest versions of all our apps for your MINI − and a whole load of other great downloads, too.

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