Safety Features.

Features that are as sophisticated as they are safe.

From the rigid chassis that reduces body torque to computer controlled handling that adjusts to different driving conditions, feel safer in the knowledge that your MINI has it all figured out. 

Our Safety Heroes

MINI Head-up Display

Assistant Systems.

With features like collision and pedestrian warning, the optional Driving Assistant System is a great addition. The camera in the windscreen identifies critical situations and prepares the braking system to reduce reaction time.


Emergency Calls.

If the unfortunate happens it’s good to know that MINI is always on hand to help. The optional Emergency Call system will automatically send a distress call to the BMW Group Call where help will arrive rapidly.


Rigid Chassis.

The body structure of a MINI is rigid but collapsible too, to help absorb impact. It shields you from the front, rear and side, or if the car were to roll over. On your side, as always.


Advanced Braking.

All MINIs come with advanced braking technology as standard, giving you peace of mind. This includes anti-lock brakes and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD).


Three Levels Of Control.

Choose a driving mode to match your mood. With three to select from, you can opt for a sporty experience, an efficient drive or simply classic MINI go-kart handling.

Features In Detail.

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