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MINI 3-door hatch

Let's get personal.

MINI drivers are made of different stuff. They have an eye for the unique. A taste for the less conventional. Which is why we’re bringing a new era of personalisation to our owners. MINI Yours Customised lets you choose accessories on selected models from a wide range of designs, patterns and colours. Change your design as often as you like – and if you fancy reverting back to your original parts and design, you can in a flash.

Make your mark on your MINI. Who’s In?

Designed, sealed, delivered. It's yours.

MINI Yours Personalise Online

Personalise online.

Choose from a variety of products – including the MINI LED Door Projectors, MINI Dashboard Trim, MINI LED Door Entry Strips and MINI Side Scuttles – and jump into the role of designer. Make your MINI totally unique. Totally you. Even design your own custom light projected welcome message. Design just about any pattern with 3D printing technology and laser lettering.
MINI Yours Free Delivery

Enjoy free delivery.

We make every personalised product to order, so they’re totally unique. It’ll take around three to five weeks to arrive on your doorstep. As soon as we’ve shipped it, we’ll drop you a confirmation number and tracking ID so you can track delivery online.
MINI Yours Fitting

Get it fitted.

Have your customised parts installed at a MINI Centre for free. Simply call your local retailer directly to organise a time. Or roll up your sleeves and install them yourself. Check out a range of installation videos on the MINI Yours Customised website.

Choose your product.

MINI side scuttles customised.

Show off your individuality at the traffic lights, in the car park, on the driveway – wherever you go. Design a set of special Side Scuttles. Personalise with your choice of structure patterns, colours, icons and text. Talk about personal.*

*Available on selected models.

MINI Dashboard Trim.

Design your own MINI Dashboard Trim and have your individuality look back at you on every drive. Personalise with your choice of different colours, structures and special icons. Add your own personal text or name – or even your MINI’s name.*

*Available on selected models.

MINI LED door entry strips customised.

Be greeted by your impeccable design, every time you step into your MINI. Design a set of MINI LED Door Entry Strips that are one-of-a-kind. Personalise with your choice of colours, structures and icons. Even add your own signature and text.*

*Available on selected models.

MINI LED door projectors customised.

This one’s a statement maker. Have your MINI greet you ‘hello’ personally as you open the door, thanks to the ability to add your name to your custom light projection. Or have it show an icon, pattern or signature. Whatever you choose, you’ll make an impression. Because of the LEDs and slide technology, the image that’s projected can be changed in a flash.*

*Available on selected models.

Start customising your MINI.