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MINI Star Marked Tyres MINI Star Marked Tyres

Safety: written in the stars.

MINI Original Complete Wheels are fitted exclusively with star marked tyres. These tyres have been developed in close collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers (e.g. Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear and Pirelli), and are ideally matched to the vehicle concept of each individual MINI model.

MINI Star Marked Tyres testing procedures
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Matching of tyres is performed at an early phase of vehicle development.



Each tyre has passed stringent testing with up to 50 different quality criteria (the EU Tyre Label demands compliance with only three criteria).



Maximum Grip, dynamic performance – perfectly attuned to suspension components and adaptive systems.



Particularly long life, top safety ratings and state-of-the-art run-flat technology. 



The systematic use of special materials reduces fuel consumption and lowers noise levels.

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There’s no need to save your adventures for summer – MINI Original Cold Weather Tyres are made from rubber mixtures specially-formulated for driving when temperatures are low. This means you can safely master narrow bends, even if the road is wet or covered in snow.


> Up to 10 % shorter braking distances on wet roads.

> Up to 40 % less tyre wear.

> Up to 50 % shorter braking distances on snow.

MINI Star Marked Tyres, reduced rollling resistance

Runflat technology.

Our tyres resist deformation, so they last longer and you use less fuel. Deformation means that energy requirements for the car to move are greater, which increases fuel consumption. MINI Star Marked  Tyres are created with reduced rolling resistance, which reduces deformation by means of special materials on the running surfaces and sides.

MINI Star Marked Runflat Tyres

Runflat technology.

With MINI Star Marked Runflat Tyres you no longer have to feel deflated, even if you go flat mid-journey. Runflat technology allows you to keep driving on a flat tyre at speeds of up to 50 mph. The reinforced side walls are made of a heat-resistant rubber, while special rim geometry stops the pressure-less tyre from slipping off, even on bends.

MINI also tests in areas that EU regulations have not even considered:


  • Performance at high speeds
  • Response to steering

Winter performance

  • Braking distance in cold and wet conditions
  • Handling and stability on winter roads

Wear and tear

  • MINI engineers work alongside the tyre manufacturers to ensure MINI Start Marked Tyres deliver the optimum balance between performance and longevity

The mini star marking.

To achieve the mark of a MINI star, tyres are subject to detailed quality and safety tests, even more rigorous than those for the EU tyre label.

Wet grip.

The EU tests tyres for their grip and braking distance on wet roads. MINI tests more. Including:

  • grip and braking distance on dry roads
  • tyre performance in challenging driving situations
  • efficiency of tyre response to motor power

Fuel efficiency.

The EU tests how tyres affect fuel efficiency. MINI tests more. Including:

  • Deformation resistance – MINI tyres provide reduced deformation, which increases fuel efficiency.

Noise levels.

The EU tests tyres for external noise levels. MINI tests more. Including:

  • Noise levels inside the car
  • Directional stability – how tyres affect the feeling of bumps and vibrations
  • Cushioning over road imperfections
MINI Winter Tyres, braking distance, tread and traction

The science of cold weather tyres.

Cold Weather tyres give you a far better performance and ensure even greater safety. Don’t forget to fit them when winter comes. Here’s why:

Braking distance.

Cold Weather tyres are created to cope with slippery winter conditions and require a far shorter braking distance. In snow or icy road conditions, braking distances can be shortened by up to 50%. (Braking distance will vary depending on the weather, tyre conditions and the speed at which you’re travelling.)


Wear and tear.

Cold Weather tyres are far more durable in cold temperatures. The tread won’t wear down as quickly as summer tyres.



Cold Weather tyres have special treads called ‘sipes’, which means they grip the roads better in wet and snowy conditions, as well as allowing them to get rid of excess water.