Vivid Mode display Vivid Mode display

Vivid Mode is all about your music. Every great journey needs a great soundtrack to turn up the fun, transport you somewhere else or make the miles pass that little bit faster. Vivid Mode not only puts your music front and centre - it transforms your cabin’s lighting, inspired by the designs of whatever you're listening to.


Headphones on, volume up for an absolute banger. Welcome to Vivid Mode with DJ @‌ariellefree. In the last of our series brought to you by the all-new MINI Experience Modes, we followed Arielle from studio, to soundcheck, to stage as she lit up fans’ lives with her vibrant, infectious approach to music.

And that’s just what Vivid Mode is about. The ultimate car playlist, bringing your tunes to life and transforming your interior lighting based on the artwork of the track you’re listening to. The new MINI family comes with a world-first round OLED display and a range of different Experience Modes to immerse yourself in. Each mode brings a unique new MINI feeling to your drive.

MINI all-electric Cooper and MINI all-electric Countryman
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