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We know that when it comes to finding the right engine that the options can seem endless. And each engine comes with its own mix of compelling points. With our range diesel, petrol and plug-in hybrid models – all cleaner and more efficient than ever – there is an engine option that’s perfect for you. Here’s a breakdown of the best bits about our engines.

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Engine Technology.

We’ve spent decades developing our innovative engine technology. That focus has resulted in the latest generation of MINI TwinPower Turbo engines. They’re more fuel efficient. More economical. More powerful. And they’re truly responsive, delivering a highly efficient drive. And with our range of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines – there’s something for every type of driver.




Our hybrid engines offer the best of both worlds. The electric engine – ideal for short distances – can help you cut down on petrol consumption. And thanks to the ever-growing landscape of charging points, it’s easier than ever to power up on the go. Ideal for drivers who use their cars mainly in urban environments or for commuting.

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More powerful. More efficient. More economical. Our petrol engines pack a punch while still delivering a highly efficient drive. And what’s even better is that thanks to every MINI (whether petrol, diesel or hybrid) having a TwinPower Turbo engine that combines turbo charging with direct injection, you’ll never have to decide between performance and efficiency again.

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Our models are all cleaner and more efficient than ever – each offering their own advantages depending on how you drive. Diesel is a great option if you drive long haul and you drive frequently. You can expect to see an impressive return on your MPG. And if you’re keen on a bit of a feisty spirit we offer the Cooper D – an efficient engine with a sense of fun.